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Monthly Archives: June 2020

The ferns are unfolding on the farm.

We found a large number of Canada Geese and Goslings at Gilbert Creek Wildlife Area. They are growing very fast.

Several weeks ago I noticed that a pair of Easter Bluebirds were looking at one of my birdhouses as a potential residence. I had been photographing the same pair earlier in the spring. They had just fledged their first batch and were already starting a second nest. I had placed this house outside my kitchen window and near the deck so I could photograph them without getting the bird blind out. I put a house out in the same spot every year but this is only the second time anyone has nested in it.


The female had her problems trying to get into the house with a beak full of pine needles. She tried a number of times before getting a “what the heck” look and giving up.

She spent most of the day working on the nest and with a little more success. She continued to use pine needles and was able to get them into the house.

I did get a few photos of the male just as she was starting the project, once when he went in to inspect the progress and again when he turned up for a photo op after the female finished the nest.


On a recent visit to Crex Meadows Wildlife Area we were fortunate to see a number of cygnets with their parents.


On a recent visit to Crex Meadows we were lucky to find a variety of butterflies and dragonflies as we drove around.


A number of times this year I’ve seen Sandhill Cranes being attacked by Red-winged Blackbirds. Apparently they wander into the blackbirds nesting area. The cranes seem to ignore the blackbirds.


It has been almost twenty years since I started photographing wildlife and in all of that time I’ve only seen colts once. That is, until this year when I’ve seen them four times. I found these at Crex Meadows Wildlife Area.



The Downy Yellow Violets are now blooming on the farm.

Downy Yellow Violet

I can’t resist taking photos of Dandelions.



Late spring is not a great time to photograph wildlife at Gilbert Creek. On our last trip we managed to flush a Bald Eagle who was in a tree above the road. When it left it was being chased by a blackbird. There were also a few horses in a pasture.


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