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Category Archives: Black and White Photography

A few more photos from my walk around the farm.


We had a heavy wet snowfall overnight and the trees were covered with over an inch of snow. I walked around the farm taking photos before it all melted.


After returning from a morning of skiing on the Red Cedar Trail I took a few frost photos from around the farm.


With fresh snow we have been able to ski on the Red Cedar Trail almost every day. We had about six inches overnight. It was great skiing in the morning but the winds came up and the temperature started dropping in the afternoon. We have been seeing a couple of deer each morning at the 2 mile marker.


I decided to try a little black and white photography during a walk through the woods.



We scheduled a shopping trip to Hudson, Wisconsin with a side trip for a short hike down to Willow Falls.

It had bee really warm so there was almost no ice on the falls. In fact there was still a lot of green to be found.

A couple of shots had almost no color so I converted them to black and white.

After a bitterly cold day on Friday things warmed up a bit so my wife and I drove over to the After Hours Ski Trails for a morning of cross country skiing. Conditions were outstanding.




The leaves were just starting to turn color when we made an early fall visit to Bond Falls. It was a rainy day so we didn’t stay long.



Bond falls lends itself to black and white photography so I took a few black and white photos of the waterfalls.



Cross country skiing has been hit or miss this year with all of the warm weather. We have managed several trips to the After Hours Ski Trails in Brule, Wisconsin. They have some beautiful trails. These were taken in a large Birch forest. I suspect it would be really beautiful during the fall colors.







I have a friend who spends a lot of time photographing a plum thicket. My equivalent is my Sumac patch. I photograph the Sumac patch year around. Last week I was out photographing after a snowfall.