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Category Archives: Gilbert Creek Wildlife Area

We were driving down to Gilbert Creek Wildlife Area and spotted a pair of Sandhill Cranes and two colts.


On an early evening visit to Gilbert Creek we were lucky enough to find a female Wood Duck with 11 young.

This shot is from about a week later. There were still 11 young ones but they had grown quite a bit.

We found a large number of Canada Geese and Goslings at Gilbert Creek Wildlife Area. They are growing very fast.

Late spring is not a great time to photograph wildlife at Gilbert Creek. On our last trip we managed to flush a Bald Eagle who was in a tree above the road. When it left it was being chased by a blackbird. There were also a few horses in a pasture.


Late in the afternoon my wife and I decided to drive down to Gilbert Creek Wildlife Area to see if there were any birds around. I usually photograph at Gilbert Creek early in the spring so I didn’t expect much activity. As we turned into the area my wife spotted some Killdeer chicks running around next to the road. I got out of the car and took some photos of the chicks and the adults that were trying to draw us away from the chicks.

After taking a few photos we continued driving. We were so enthralled with the chicks we didn’t notice the two Bald Eagles sitting in a tree right above us. It wasn’t until they took off that we noticed them. They were gone before I could get any good photos. We drove to the end of the road and turned around. I opened my window to get a shot of a female Red-winged Blackbird. I heard the call of a Sandhill Crane and it appeared to be near the car. My wife noticed it was right beside the car. There were the two adults and a colt.

I took a lot of photos since this was only the second time I had seen a colt. I quickly exited the car and started shooting. I loaded the photos into Photoshop (or thought I did). When I went to look at them they weren’t there. Not sure exactly what happened but I think they were accidentally loaded back onto the Scandisk card and then deleted when I formatted the card. I was only able to recover the one shot shown above.

While photographing at Gilbert Creek Wildlife area I encountered a large number of Barn Swallows. There was also a mature Bald Eagle sitting in a tree.


There are quite a few Canada Geese at Gilbert Creek but none of them seem to be nesting.


I’ve managed to capture a few birds at Gilbert Creek. An Eastern Phoebe which is the first one that I’ve seen at Gilbert Creek.

A Bald Eagle has been hanging around.

A few Mallard Ducks can be found.

Shot of a Song Sparrow early in the morning.

None of the geese or the sandhill Cranes seem to be nesting.

Another V

This time of year I spend a lot of time photographing at the Gilbert Creek Wildlife Area. This year there have been some Trumpeter Swans hanging around. I don’t think they plan to take up permanent residency but they are still fun to watch.