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Category Archives: Pronghorned Antelope

We were driving along the road in Custer State Park looking for Buffalo and not finding any. We encountered a half dozen Turkey Vultures in the road feeding. They had no interest in flying away so we stopped and I photographed them for a while. Fortunately there was no traffic so they stayed in the road for quite a while.



When the first car came along they flew out into the prairie. There also happened to be some Pronghorn Antelope along the road. When the vultures landed the antelope took off after them and chased the away.




We encountered quite a few Pronghorned Antelope on our trip. This one was laying in the grass along the road. We watched it for quite a while and thought it might be in labor the way it was breathing and licking itself. It wasn’t because it finally got up and walked off.Pronghorn-Antelope-14-5-_4380
This one was grazing along the road.Pronghorn-Antelope-14-5-_4387

At one place we saw a couple of cars parked along the road and were trying to figure out what they were looking at. Turned out to be a couple of fauns along the road. They took off for the woods. We watched for a while and soon saw them scamper after their mother who has walked off in a different direction.Pronghorn-Antelope-14-5-_4132