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Category Archives: Boulder Lake Ski Trails

A couple of weeks ago we drove to Duluth on a cross country ski trip. The next morning we planned on skiing the Boulder Lake Trails.Boulder-Lake-Ski-Trails-14-2-_1375

It snowed overnight and the reports were that the roads were really bad. Duluth is built on an escarpment and has very steep hills. We had some things we had to do in downtown Duluth so we combined them into a single day and postponed our ski trip to Boulder Lake. A good thing we did. Everyone was talking about how bad the roads were and as we walked through the skywalk we could see they were in bad condition. About the time we were leaving the condo there was a 30 car pileup a couple of blocks away.Boulder-Lake-Ski-Trails-14-2-_1378

The next morning it was cold but the roads were clear. We headed out to Boulder Lake. there were only a couple of other cars in south the parking lot. We had skied ad Boulder Lake earlier in the winter but had only done one of the loops. Our first trip had been on a Thursday and as it turned out it was dog day. Every Thursday dogs are allowed on the trail.Boulder-Lake-Ski-Trails-14-2-_1382

The trails had been freshly groomed and we were one of the first ones to use the trail. It was a beautiful but very cold day. Probably why there were very few skiers. The groomed trails had not setup yet so it was tough going. The wind was blowing so it was really cold in the open areas.Boulder-Lake-Ski-Trails-14-2-_1386

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