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In addition to the Sandhill Cranes there was plenty of other wildlife to photograph as we drove around Crex Meadows. More photos from Crex Meadows can be found on my website.

We saw the occasional White-tailed Deer. This one sopped along the road to pose.



Red-tailed Hawks were flying over the

There were a lot of Hooded Mergansers around. I photographed this bunch just before they took off into the sunrise.hooded-mergansers-crex-meadows-16-10-5325


With the low water levels in some of the ponds it was easy to find Great Blue Herons around. great-blue-heron-crex-meadows-16-10-5022

There were also quite a few American Coots around although no where near the hundreds I saw on an earlier visit.american-coots-crex-meadows-16-10-4756

This morning I noticed a doe and two older fawns in the yard. Later in the day I saw another doe and a single fawn. I was surprised to see them because this is the first year in quite some time that I have not encountered young fawns hidden around the farm early in the summer.



We find all kinds of wildlife wandering around the farm. We had a group of Four White-tailed Deer hanging around. They were out in front of the house eating what remained of our Black-eyed Susan’s on this particular day.


We have had Wild Turkeys around in large numbers ever since the DNR reintroduced them to the state. This group of about 20 birds was walking across the front lawn. They were likely headed for the neighbors cornfield.


There are the ever present birds at my feeders. The Hairy Woodpecker is a year around visitor to the feeders.


Several weeks ago we noticed a Doe and Fawn in the backyard. We had been gone for a couple of weeks but the day after we returned my wife spotted them in the back yard again. It was amazing the difference in the Fawn. When we first saw him he was all legs and had problems walking. Now the was bounding around without any trouble.



We had been in town and when we returned I happened to look out the window and notice a Doe and Fawn in the yard. It must have just been born because it was a little wobbly on its legs. When ran it was all legs.



More White-tailed Deer photos can be found on my website.

I was photographing Bluebirds in my back yard when I noticed a couple do White-tailed deer walking through the back yard. I was raining and the light wasn’t very good but I managed a few shots of them grooming each other.White-tailed-deer-14-4-_1641




I live on a farm with a large yard and a prairie buffer between the yard and the woods. I don’t mow the entire prairie but do mow trails through the prairie so I can easily walk through the area to photograph flowers and insects.


I frequently see fawns out in my prairie late in the spring. A week ago my wife noticed a doe standing out in the prairie and thought it looked a little strange. I went upstairs so I could get a better look at it. I thought something was up but it wasn’t until the doe moved that I could see it was feeding a fawn. We watched as it put the fawn in the high grass and left it.


Yesterday we returned from a weekend trip late in the day. I happened to look out the window to check on the garden and noticed a fawn out by the garden. It was standing in some tall grass. Normally when a doe leaves a fawn the fawn remains curled up on the ground. This fawn was standing up and scratching itself.


Later in the evening I happened to look out at the garden again and noticed the doe and fawn out by the garden. The doe was feeding the fawn. We watched for a while and then my wife noticed a large raccoon walking toward the doe and fawn. Soon the doe noticed the raccoon and chased it away.


We continued to watch as the doe fed the fawn before leading it back into the woods. Just as the doe and faun were leaving we noticed the raccoon heading toward the house. It turned up at the bird feeder and we watched it clean up bird seeds for about a half an hour.


It’s been a long winter for the White-tailed Deer. We had 18 inches of snow in the middle of December followed by rain and ice so it was difficult for them to dig for food. Things didn’t get any better this spring where it has snowed almost every day since the first day of spring.


My wife retired the first of April and decided it was time to start enjoying one of her hobbies baking. In checking our flower stock she discovered that most of it was bad so she gave it to me to discard. I decided the deer might eat it so I took it out to the garden and dumped it a big pile.


A couple of days later one of the deer wandered through the garden and started eating it. It didn’t make much of a dent in it and I thought they didn’t like it. The next evening it snowed about six inches. The next day the deer was back and made short work of the flower.


It’s been a tough winter for White-tailed Deer. The winter started off with an eighteen inch snowfall followed by some rain and more snow. Food was quickly buried under the snow. I usually plant enough pumpkins so I can leave some in the garden for the deer. This year it has been tough for them to find it. I even went out and tried to dig some out of the snow only to find that my garden fork was frozen into the ground.


As the winter dragged on and the snow started getting deeper, it’s about three feet deep in the garden now, the deer started browsing on the brush and trees along the edge of the woods.



In recent weeks they have started coming to my bird feeder. This is the first time I’ve seen ever seen them at my bird feeder. When they are finished at the bird feeder they are now wandering around the house eating shrubs. One doe in particular seems to be the most frequent visitor. My wife thinks it is a pregnant doe.


The good thing is the weather is warming and the snow should soon be gone. It’s already gone along the steep south facing slopes in the woods.


I usually see White-tailed Deer of the farm throughout the year. Just before Thanksgiving there were about a half dozen White-tailed doe hanging around the yard. I would see them just about every day. One day I noticed something running through my Prairie area. When it hit a clear spot I noticed it was a doe running at full speed. I then noticed a second one came out of the pine forest and ran through the prairie to the hardwood forest. Both of them were already in the hardwoods when I noticed a 10 point buck come out of the pine trees and trot through the Prairie in pursuit of the two doe.



 This week I’ve noticed that the White-tailed Deer have been in the garden. Normally I grow a bunch of pumpkins and squash. Actually they just come up from seed. I don’t bother to hoe them under so I end up with a self-sustaining pumpkin and squash patch. At the end of the season we eat some and I give most of them to the local food shelter. I always leave some in the garden for the deer. This year we had a couple of heavy snowfalls so the deer have been out in the garden eating squash and pumpkins for a few weeks. Today I noticed one at the bird feeder. Unfortunately it noticed me just as I noticed it. After stomping the ground and staring at me for a short time it took off.


It's so good!

It’s so good!