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Category Archives: Wisconsin State Parks

On a recent trip to Duluth we stopped briefly at Amnicon Falls State Park.



On our way back from  Skiing at After Hours Ski Trails we decided to stop in at Amnicon Falls State Park to look around. As it turned out the combination of fresh snow and the root beer colored water made for some nice photos.

We scheduled a shopping trip to Hudson, Wisconsin with a side trip for a short hike down to Willow Falls.

It had bee really warm so there was almost no ice on the falls. In fact there was still a lot of green to be found.

A couple of shots had almost no color so I converted them to black and white.

Generally we visit Perrot State Park in the Spring and in the fall but we had some time and the need to finish a book we were listening to on the car CD so we drove down to  Perrot State Park for a hike to the overlook of the Mississippi River.





There were a lot of dragonflies around. I had my macro lens on the camera so it was a challenge to get close enough to them to get a photograph.

Common Whitetail

Common Pondhawk

There were also some butterflies around but I didn’t have much luck photographing them.

Aphrodite Fritillary

There were also a variety of wildflowers blooming.

Goat’s Beard

Butterfly Weed

As we were leaving Duluth to head back home we stopped at Amnicon Falls to look around. I didn’t think we would take any photos but this was the first time I had seen large amounts of foam at the bottom of lower falls.




On a recent visit to Duluth we decided to drive over to Pattison State Park to check on the waterfalls. Our first stop was Little Manitou Falls.



little-manitou-falls-pattison-state-park-17-2-0070We then drove back down the road to check on  Big Manitou Falls.




We made a late fall visit to Governor Dodge State Park. The leaves were already down but we had not visited the park in a long time so we decided to do some hiking and scout around for photograph locations.





We stopped at Amnicon Falls State Park to check things out. The water levels were a little low and I didn’t see any photos that I didn’t already have. Just before we left I decided to walk over to Now and Then Falls. I didn’t think there would be any water running but I wanted to see if the remains from some large trees had been removed. They had not been removed but there was a little water running. I decided to get the camera and photograph a small waterfall.




This was another “We will just stop and take a quick look” visit to Amnicon Falls. By now my wife knows a quick look usually means a couple of hours. I think I can count of one hand the number of times we have stopped for a quick look and left without taking any photos. This is one of my favorite waterfall photography locations because of the variety of waterfalls and rapids. Are all easily accessible by a short walk.


The water color at Amnicon is caused by tannin in the water. The tannin is the result of decaying vegetation in the Amnicon River watershed.


Conditions were ideal. A good water flow and overcast sky to provide uniform lighting and a low enough light level not to require the use of neutral density filters.


We actually spent part of several days in Devils Lake State Park. On the first day it was mainly a drive through although we did stop in a prairie area to take a few photos. While walking through the prairie I found this beautiful grass.


The next day we met friends from Menomonie who had moved to Madison. We were a little early so I wandered over to the lake to look around. I was surprised to see that the boats were still out and available for rental. It was a nice warm day for the end of October and there was a kayaker already out in the lake


When our friends arrived we decided to hike the trail along the bluffs. Most of the fall leaves were down but there were still a few patches that offered some interesting color.


Although it was supposed to rain the sun was still out when we reached the rock outcroppings near the top of the trail.


The Oaks, Sumac and grasses offered some really nice color at the top of the bluff. It looked like rain was approaching so we took the easy trail back to the car and then headed to Baraboo for lunch.