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With a lot of water in the river there were not many close-up shots available. I concentrated on trying to get some water pattern shots. The brown color of the water is the result of tannic acid in the water.


We walked along the boardwalk to Manabezho Falls . There was a lot of water going over the falls.


When we arrived at the Presque Isle River parking area there were quite a few people looking at the fall leaves. There were enough people walking across the bridge at the mouth of the River that it took a while to get any shots. The river was a little high to get the iconic shots of the rocks below the bridge.

There was some nice color at the mouth of the river.

While the fall colors in the interior were nearly at their peal the colors along the shore were a couple of weeks away.


We met a friend for breakfast before parting. We headed over to the Presque Isle River on Highway 519. This was the last week in September and the colors in the interior were almost at their peak. Even though it was raining the it was a beautiful drive.

After visiting Bond Falls we headed over to Porcupine Mountains Wilderness State Park. We purchased a park sticker and then drove up to the Lake of the Clouds. There was still a lot of green along the lake.



My photo of Overlooked Falls was published in the June Issue of Backpacker Magazine.

After hiking the Union Mine Trail in the Porcupine Mountains we drove through the park on the South Boundary Road to the Presque Isle River. Our intent was to walk the loop trail along the river. Unfortunately the fall colors were not that great so we decided to walk along the boardwalk to check out the waterfalls. Normally on a visit to the River we stop for some photos of the bowls from the suspension bridge. This is the iconic shot that everyone takes. Unfortunately this year there was so much water in the river that the bowls were covered in water. This is a shot from an earlier visit.


We walked across the bridge to the island and down to the mouth of the Presque Isle River.


The water was still low enough that we could walk along the east side of the river following to the North Country Trail.


We then headed back to the suspension bridge and hike along the boardwalk to Manabezho Falls.


After a few photos we continued on to Manido Falls before returning to the car.


Photos of waterfalls on the Little Carp River in the Porcupine Mountains Wilderness State Park. The first two are of Overlooked falls.





While processing some of my photos of the Little Carp River in the Porcupine Mountains Wilderness State Park, I decided to try some colorful abstracts which brought out the fall color reflections in the river.





While reading Phil Stagg’s book Waterfalls of Michigan I noticed there were quite a few waterfalls along the Union Mine Trail in Porcupine Mountains Wilderness State Park. I had been on the trail before but had not noticed any interesting waterfalls. As it turns out the best time to find the waterfalls is in the spring when there is good water flow. Fortunately there had been a lot of rain in the U.P. this fall and there was good water flow so we were optimistic of finding some nice waterfalls. We weren’t disappointed. They aren’t the biggest waterfalls but there are a lot of them.







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