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We used Duluth as a base and headed out to photograph the waterfalls along the south shore of Lake Superior between Superior and Bayfield. Our first stop was Twin Falls but we were very disappointed to find there was almost no water flowing over Twin Falls. We continued on to Lost Creek Falls.

More photos from Lost Creek Falls can be found on my website.


With all of the recent rain the trail was very muddy. We hiked in from Klemik Road because isn’t as steep as the trail from Cornucopia. There were a lot of mud holes in the trail and knee boots would be a good choice on this hike.Lost-Creek-Falls-14-6-_7843a

There were a lot of wildflowers in bloom along the trail including a rare find. I just happened to look into the wood at the right moment to see this Pink Lady Slipper hiding under dome other plants.Pink-Lady's-Slipper-14-6-_7904



Again we didn’t find as much water flowing in the river as we expected given all of the rain and the wet trail. However, there was enough water to provide some nice shots.Lost-Creek-Falls-14-6-_7886

Lost Creek

This past week I made my spring trek to Lost Creek Falls. Lost Creek is always nice in the spring with a little more water in the falls and usually a large number of flowers to be found along the trail. I was in Bayfield when the weather turned and in started to cloud up. Cloudy weather is an ideal time to visit Lost Creek Falls because you don’t have to deal with high contrast light conditions when the sun is out. When I arrived at the trailhead I was a little disappointed to find four other cars parked along the road. Since Lost Creek Falls is such a small area I knew photography would be difficult with other people at the falls. After closer inspection I discovered that they were four wheelers and had gone off on another trail so it didn’t appear anyone else was at the falls.


Pink Lady's Slipper

I quickly discovered that the hike in was going to be a muddy affair. It is usually muddy on the trail but this year there was more mud than usual. I always wear knee ¬†boots on this hike because of the mud on the trail and because I like to wade the creek by the falls. The hike in usually takes about twenty minutes but it took a lot longer because there were a large number of Ferns and wildflowers along the trail. These included Swamp Buttercups, Bunchberry, Nodding Trillium, Bluebead Lily, Star Flower, Wild Strawberries, Columbine, False Lilly of the Valley and my favorite Pink Lady’s Slipper. I only saw one Pink Lady’s Slipper and it is the only one I’ve seen along this trail.

Lost Creek Falls

Lost Creek Falls

As luck would have it I doodled along the trail long enough for the clouds to dissipate so the sun was out with intermittent clouds. I was still able to photograph the falls in the shade and spent the times when the sun was out taking intimate photographs of various sections of the falls that were in the shade.


Lost Creek Falls

This is a great time to make the trip to the falls. There are lots of flowers out, there is a good water flow over the falls and there were no mosquitoes.

More photos of Lost Creek Falls can be found on my website.