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Category Archives: Interstate Falls

We made an early morning stop at Interstate Falls. I was not able to capture the beautiful scenery with the large amount of fresh snow covering the ground.

Late in the evening we drove out to Interstate Falls. Again there was a lot of water flowing over the falls.


Interstate Falls has really changed since my first visit. Years ago I reached in on a pothole filled dirt road with two parking spots. If it had rained recently I ended up parking in mud puddles. Several years ago a large crushed rock parking lot was installed along with new signage. Waterfalling has become a big tourist draw and has been recognized as such my local governmental agencies. This year we discovered that a grand viewing stand had been installed below Interstate Falls. In prior years the view was not that good and to get down to the base of the falls it was necessary to work oneself down a steep slope. Visitors will really appreciate the improved views from the viewing stand.

This photo of interstate falls appears in the 2017-2018 Wisconsin’s Great Lakes Calendar.

On our way through Ironwood we decided to stop at Interstate Falls. Things have changed since our last visit. In the past you had to drive down a muddy road and there was only room to park a couple of cars. Now there is signage and a large parking lot. It was still raining when we started our hike and conditions were ideal for waterfall photography. We were not disappointed when we reached Interstate Falls.