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Category Archives: Prairie Dog

It was early in the spring and we were surprised at the number of animals we found in the park.

This was the first photograph I have gotten of Buffalo in the park. They usually hang out in the west end of the park and we normally don’t drive out that direction.


There were a number of herds of Mule Deer in various areas of the park.


Several herds of Bighorn Sheep were seen. The rams were no longer with the herd and it was a little early for the lambs. I had noticed a few sheep behind a hill. As I came over the hill this one was staring right at me.


The Prairie Dogs were around although it was very windy and cold so we didn’t see a lot of them. When we drove through in the morning they were just waking up.Prairie-Dog-Badlands-National-Park-16-3-_4776

No visit to South Dakota would be complete without some photos of Prairie Dogs. Many of them had youngsters around. On one mound we saw about a dozen Prairie Dogs. There must have been some kind of meeting taking place.

More Photos from Custer State Park can be found on my website.



Unfortunately, at one stop we saw a teenager running though the Prairie Dog town screaming. The stupidity of Americans never ceases to amaze me.
One wonders how that family would like it if some nut cast ran through their house screaming?Prairie-Dog-14-5-_4326


We arrived at the eastern entrance to the Badlands at mid afternoon. We decided to drive though the Badlands on way to our motel in Wall, S.D.Badlands-National-Park-14-5-_3794

On the way we encountered a Prairie Dog town along the road. This fellow was particularly friendly.


We also encountered several herds of Bighorn Sheep along the road. All of them were ewes the males are off by themselves this time of year.Bighorn-Sheep-Badlands-National-Park-14-5-_3775

We then headed for Wall to check in to out motel and grab a bite to eat before heading back out to the Park to view the sunset.

More photos from the Badlands National Park can be found on my website.