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Category Archives: Hoffman Hills Recreation Area

We decided to drive out to Hoffman Hills Recreation Area and see if anything was happening. I thought we might see some Canada Geese staking out their territory. On the way out something caught my eye running across a field and heading toward the car. I thought it was a deer but it turned to out to be a very large coyote. Too bad I didn’t have a chance to get a photograph. When we reached Hoffman Hills there wasn’t much going on but we were very surprised to see that the Pussy Willows were blooming. Normally they bloom the middle of April not the end of February.



Managed a shot of a lone Cattail from last season.


We did so much traveling this fall that we almost didn’t have time to visit Hoffman Hills to view the fall colors. We were finally able to check it out and the colors were near peak.





These are a few of the wildflowers I’ve seen recently at Hoffman Hills Recreation Area.

Purple Coneflower

Purple Coneflower

Green-headed Coneflower

Green-headed Coneflower

Queen Anne's Lace

Queen Anne’s Lace

Butterfly Weed

Butterfly Weed

Purple Prairie Clover

Purple Prairie Clover

My wife and I took the opportunity to drive out to Hoffman Hills Recreation Area and walk around the prairie. These were some of the flowers and insects we found.

Green-headed Coneflower

Green-headed Coneflower

It must have mating season because the Dogbane Leaf Beetles could be found all over the milkweed plants.

Dogbane Leaf Beetle-

Dogbane Leaf Beetle

Swamp Milkweed

Swamp Milkweed

Purple Prairie Clover

Purple Prairie Clover

My wife and I made our first visit to Hoffman Hills Recreation Area since our return from Iceland. There were a few birds around. It looks like Eastern Bluebirds have taken up residence in several houses.


There was a little activity in the ponds. We found this Muskrat in the first pond. He didn’t pay much attention to us as we walked around the pond. The second pond was completely covered in scum and there was no evidence of any birds or animals using it.


There were a few flowers around. The Spiderwort is the most common.


The Prairie Smoke is just about gone.

Prairie Smoke

Orange Hawkweed is common on the trails.


Dragon Flies are out and about.


It had been over a week since my wife and I stopped at Hoffman Hills to look around. Constant rain had prevented a visit but today it was beautiful and sunny.

The ponds were really full of water. This emerging White Water Lilly was floating on the water.


The grasses were reflected in the pond.


As we approached the first pond in the wetlands area we encountered a pair of Canada Geese. They didn’t have any young but they were defending their territory. Another goose came flying in and they drove it off.




The trees and bushes were emerging from the long winter.



I was able to capture two birds that I had never photographed before. This elusive Belted Kingfisher was feeding in one of the ponds.


There was also a Northern Flicker feeding on the pond dyke.


The last time we were at Hoffman Hills there were a pair of bluebirds on this house. Tree Swallows seemed to have taken over.


There is a lot going on at Hoffman Hills these days. We have been seeing Sandhill Cranes in the Prairie area.


There are Canada Geese, Ducks and King Fishers hanging around the ponds.



We noticed a Muskrat in the first pond.


The Eastern Bluebirds have returned.


In the next couple of weeks the trees will have full color. The Birch and Maples are already budding out.


The Pussy Willows are just about done blooming.

Pussy Willows

Pussy Willows

Linda put together a show of eight of my photos at the Menomonie Public Library. She did all of the printing, matting and framing of the photos. I just took the pictures. They will be on display through the month of April.

There are four Landscape photos.

Now and Then Falls Amnicon Falls State Park

Now and Then Falls Amnicon Falls State Park

Apostle Islands Sea Cave

Apostle Islands Sea Cave Cornucopia, Wisconsin

Crex Meadows

Crex Meadows Grantsburg ,Wisconsin

Seney National Wildlife Refuge

Seney National Wildlife Refuge Seney, Michigan


There are four wildlife Photos


Goslings Hoffman Hills Recreation Area Menomonie, Wisconsin

Black Bear

Black Bear Vince Shute Wildlife Sanctuary Orr, Minnesota

Ruby-throated Hummingbird

Ruby-throated Hummingbird Canadian Hill Farm Menomonie, Wisconsin

Monarch Butterflies

Monarch Butterflies Fontenac State Park Fontenac, Monnesota


This photo of wildflowers taken at Hoffman Hills Recreation Area appears on the cover of a local telephone book.


My wife and I have been on the road for almost two months traveling to Japan and then around the upper Midwest to follow the fall leaves. We were finally home long enough to drive out to Hoffman Hills. This is a local recreation area that we love to visit. It has a very divers landscape including wetlands, prairie and hardwood forest. Normally we spend most of our time in the wetlands and prairie because there are too many mosquitoes in the forest in the summer. In the fall we take full advantage of the hiking trails in the area.