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Several years ago I wrote a blog describing my experiences with creating raindrops for photography. Since then I haven’t done much raindrop photography probably because last year it was so dry and the flowers were not very good. This year I have a great flower garden so I decided to go out last week and give it a try. It was sunny out with very little wind so I thought conditions might be good. The flowers were some I had planted in my garden¬† to attract butterflies.

Raindrops 13-8-_6363


Raindrops 13-8-_6319


Raindrops 13-8-_6337


Wildflowers continue to bloom in the prairie. In the area near the overflow parking lot there were quite a few butterflies and I was able to photograph one Hummingbird Moth. For whatever reason, I’ve seen very little wildlife in the ponds this summer.

I haven’t been able to get out much the past few weeks. I have been fighting Lyme disease and this past week we have been doing a lot of remodeling on the house. The weather has been so hot and humid that it was more inviting in the air-conditioned house.

More photos on my website.

Monarch Butterfly

Monarch Butterfly

Hummingbird moth