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My wife and I spent an hour walking around the Prairie at Hoffman Hills. Not the peak season for photography but we did manage a few photos.

Morning Dew


Queen Anne’s Lace

False Sunflower

Big Bluestem

We have been having a lot of dew in the morning so I walked around the Prairie to get some photos.

Common Yarrow

Butter and Eggs


Gloriosa Daisy

A few shots from several visits to the Duluth Rose Garden.


These photos were also taken on a sunny day using a variable neutral density filter to allow me to photograph at a slow speed. They were produced by using camera and lens movement.




Overnight we had a fresh snowfall. The next morning it was clear, bright and very cold but the wind was not blowing. The snowflakes were hanging on all of the summer flowers so I walked around the prairie and took some shots just before the wind started blowing.



Daisy Fleabane

Daisy Fleabane

Canada Goldenrod

Canada Goldenrod

A year ago my wife purchased some Poinsettia plants for the holidays. After they were done for the season she looked on the internet to find out how she could keep them for another year. I gather she trimmed them back and put them in the basement until last fall.


She then started rotating them between sunlight and night. At one point we were on vacation so she took them to a friend’s place. The actually turned out quite well for someone who does not have a green thumb.


There were nearing the end of the season and I don’t have a lot of color to photograph in the winter so I took some photographs of them last week.