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Category Archives: Devil’s Kettle Falls

We stopped for a morning hike up to Devil’s Kettle. It was a nice day when we started. When we reached the lower portion of the falls there was a lot of spray and it was almost impossible to take any photos.

Devil's Kettle

Devil’s Kettle

We walked up the steps to view Devil’s Kettle and grabbed a few photos. As we looked off to the Northwest we could see some black clouds so we decided to head back to the car.


We were almost back to the car when we heard sever claps of thunder. We had just met some other hikers heading up to the Kettle. We took off for the car and they followed. About a minute after getting in the car the skies opened up.



On the way back to Grand Marais we stopped at Judge C .R. Magney State Park to photograph the waterfalls. We hiked along the river to Devil’s Kettle Falls. It was a bright sunny day but my variable neutral density filter allowed me to capture the fall as I wanted to capture it.


We took a few shots of the falls before heading back down to the lower falls. The lower fall really required a wide angle lens but since I didn’t have the correct filter I tried to capture an intimate photo of the falls.