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On a recent foggy morning I walked down to Canal Park in Duluth, Minnesota to photograph the Aerial Lift Bridge. These are some of the photos from the morning.



When we are in Duluth I like to walk down to Canal Park to watch the sunrise. On this particular morning I was setting up and heard a loud splash. A little while later I noticed that a couple of young men swimming out to Uncle Harvey’s Mausoleum. This the first time I had seen anyone on the Mausoleum at sunrise.

I took their picture then did a couple of panoramas from the same location.

There were some beautiful clouds in the sky over the harbor entrance.

As the sun rose the South Breakwater Light just glowed.

There were some great shots of the South Breakwater Inner Light which is privately owned.

Sunlight and water always make for some nice shots.

I had walked down to the Duluth Ship Canal to photograph the sunrise. Before sunrise the American Century exited through the Duluth Ship Canal. It was a little dark to take photos but I managed a few as it sailed under the Aerial Lift Bridge and out into Lake Superior.




I noticed that the Whitefish Bay was going to be leaving Duluth, Minnesota around sunset so I walked down to the harbor to watch. There was a nice sunset which provided a good backdrop as the ship made the turn and headed under the Aerial Lift Bridge.




After watching the ship leave I noticed a beautiful sunset behind the Aerial Lift Bridge.




When I took these photos of the Algoma Guardian leaving Duluth I had no idea of the dramatic events that had occurred as it entered Duluth Harbor. Duluth experienced a violent storm with 80 mph winds last Thursday. Power was out for large portions of the city for several days and many of Duluth’s beautiful trees were destroyed.


The Algoma Guardian had just entered the Ship Canal when the storm hit. On the video you can see the wind start to pick up. The ship clocked the top wind speed at 103 mph. The ship started to go sideways in the canal but the captain was able to correct for the wind and make it into the harbor.


The Duluth Lift Bridge was up at this point and the wind was causing the bridge deck to vibrate violently. Fortunately it came through as well.



Here is a link to the video of the Algoma Guardian arriving in Duluth during the storm.

I spend a few days wandering around the Duluth, Minnesota waterfront taking photos of various things. These are some of the photos that didn’t fit into any particular category.

A carnival was at the DECC during the fourth of July week. I happened to walk by in the evening and took a photo just before the rides closed for the evening.


I’ve always wanted to stand in the road and take a photo of the Duluth Aerial Lift Bridge as it was going up. I finally had the opportunity.


It was a foggy morning in Duluth. I happened to be walking along the Lakewalk toward Fitger’s just as the fog was lifting.


A photo of the Waterfront Plaza Marina.


Construction continues along the slip for the Pier B Resort. Later in the day we stopped by the Silos Restaurant for lunch. I had by firs Lamb Burger. Probably was thinking of Lamb because of our recent trip to Iceland.


The Vista Star tour boat approaching the Duluth Aerial Lift Bridge.


We happened to be walking along the waterfront and noticed the Tug Kentucky near the Paulucci Building in Duluth’s Harbor. Normally this would ring a bell that a foreign ship would be entering the harbor but It didn’t.


We walked over by Bayfront Park. When we turned around we noticed that the Aerial Lift Bridge was up and a ship was entering the harbor. It was the Sjard which was heading over to load grain.


We watched as the Tug Kentucky helped it make the turn in the harbor.




I walked down along the waterfront in Duluth to capture some photos of the Duluth Aerial Lift Bridge, Duluth Docks and the Great Republic taking on fuel. The last shot was an accident. I was taking a long exposure when I noticed someone with a drone so I picked up my tripod before realizing the camera was still on.

Duluth Aerial Lift Bridge

Duluth Aerial Lift Bridge

Great Republic

Great Republic

Duluth Minnesota Docks

Duluth Minnesota Docks


It’s been a while since I’ve photographed at Dawn on the Lakewalk. The last time was several years ago in the summer when I was photographing by the War Memorial and almost stepped on some folks sleeping in among the rocks along the shore.

War Memorial

War Memorial

Generally I don’t go out to photograph unless there is going to be a sunrise. When I woke up there were no stars in the sky but the weather report said dense fog so I decided to go out anyway. The decision is always easier when dawn is at 7am.

Canal Park

Canal Park

Turns out there wasn’t any fog and it was cloudy. Nevertheless the colors of the city lights bouncing off of the clouds provided some nice color.

Fitger's Duluth

Fitger’s Duluth

In November the gates are closed to the North and South Breakwaters at the Duluth Harbor entrance. This was one of the last chances I had to photograph from the South Breakwater Light before it was closed for the winter.

Duluth Aerial Lift Bridge

Duluth Aerial Lift Bridge

Duluth Waterfront and North Breakwater Light

Duluth Waterfront and North Breakwater Light