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I spend a few days wandering around the Duluth, Minnesota waterfront taking photos of various things. These are some of the photos that didn’t fit into any particular category.

A carnival was at the DECC during the fourth of July week. I happened to walk by in the evening and took a photo just before the rides closed for the evening.


I’ve always wanted to stand in the road and take a photo of the Duluth Aerial Lift Bridge as it was going up. I finally had the opportunity.


It was a foggy morning in Duluth. I happened to be walking along the Lakewalk toward Fitger’s just as the fog was lifting.


A photo of the Waterfront Plaza Marina.


Construction continues along the slip for the Pier B Resort. Later in the day we stopped by the Silos Restaurant for lunch. I had by firs Lamb Burger. Probably was thinking of Lamb because of our recent trip to Iceland.


The Vista Star tour boat approaching the Duluth Aerial Lift Bridge.


Pier B Resort is being built next to Bayfront Park on the Duluth Waterfront. I happened to be in Bayfront Park early in the morning and took a few photos of the activity.


I was particularly interested in what they were doing at the boat slip. The John R. Asher was moving barges of dredged material over to the slip and a crane was dumping the material into the slip. At the time I couldn’t figure out what they were doing but found out later that the soil under the slip is contaminated so they are putting dredged material from the harbor in the slip to provide a seal the contaminated material.

John R. Asher

John R. Asher