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Tag Archives: Duluth Waterfront at Night

It’s been a while since I’ve photographed at Dawn on the Lakewalk. The last time was several years ago in the summer when I was photographing by the War Memorial and almost stepped on some folks sleeping in among the rocks along the shore.

War Memorial

War Memorial

Generally I don’t go out to photograph unless there is going to be a sunrise. When I woke up there were no stars in the sky but the weather report said dense fog so I decided to go out anyway. The decision is always easier when dawn is at 7am.

Canal Park

Canal Park

Turns out there wasn’t any fog and it was cloudy. Nevertheless the colors of the city lights bouncing off of the clouds provided some nice color.

Fitger's Duluth

Fitger’s Duluth

While I was down photographing the blue Moon I took the opportunity to photograph the waterfront.