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There are a number of Great Lakes Ships in Superior for winter layup. The shipping season usually ends in mid January and resumes again around the third week in March. As you can see most of the ships are being worked on while they are in port for winter layup.

Burns Harbor

Burns Harbor At Lakehead Pipeline

Lee A. Tregurtha

Lee A. Tregurtha At Fraser Shipyards

Herbert C Jackson

Herbert C JacksonAt Fraser Shipyards

Paul R Tregurtha

Paul R Tregurtha At Midwest Energy


The Herbert C Jackson has been in Fraser Shipyards since mid January undergoing a major upgrade. It was converted to a diesel-propulsion system. It also received a new paint job. This was a huge project for Fraser Shipyards in Superior, Wisconsin. Unfortunately things went south and the shipyard was slapped with huge fines because workers on the Jackson were exposed to high lead levels.

Herbert C. Jackson Superior Wisconsin 16-7-_2692


We got up early, really early, and drove over to Wisconsin Point to watch the sunrise. Sometimes we are lucky and sometimes we are not. This time we were lucky to get a nice sunrise and some interesting clouds.





Notice the fisherman walking out to the lighthouse.



This photo of the Blatnick Bridge from Duluth, Minnesota to Superior, Wisconsin¬† appeared in Wisconsin’s Great Lakes Calendar.

Blatnick Bridge

Blatnick Bridge

For the second year in a row Ice Man Roger (Roger Hanson) is attempting to build an ice castle on Barkers Island in Superior. In spite of the warm weather things seem to be progressing well. My wife and I stopped for a closer look last weekend. The unusual color of the ice is because he is taking ice from the harbor and the water is tinted with tannin.




As we were driving back to Duluth from our fall leaf trip to the UP we stopped at a gas station to pick up some things. I happened to notice this old ore dock with just the right light conditions so we stopped to take a few photos.


When we finished watching the Lake Guardian enter the harbor we drove over to the Wisconsin Point Light House. With some effort I managed to get out to the beach but it was all I could do to stand up with the wind blowing directly into me. When the waves hit the breakwater they were almost as tall as the Lighthouse.Wisconsin-Point-Lighthouse-15-5-_0695


The wave action had turned the water brown.


As I was photographing a rogue wave came through and drenched me. You can see it coming in this shot.


More Wisconsin Point photos can be found on my website.

Roger Hanson a.k.a. Ice Man was attempting to break the world record for the largest freestanding ice wall. He started the “Lake Superior Project” late last fall on Barkers Island in Superior, Wisconsin. The project was partially funded by the Superior Tourism Development Fund.


The project has had its problems this winter. Things were going well when the tower collapsed during a warm spell in February. Ironically Hanson was talking with a reporter from the New Your Times when it collapsed.


He is using a computer program to apply just the right amount of water to gradually build the ice wall. I thought maybe with the warm weather we had this past week that it would fall down again but apparently it hasn’t. The fire department was trying to bring it down for safety reasons.

We were in Superior, Wisconsin last week and decided to drive out to Wisconsin Point to check on Ice Conditions. There was plenty of ice and a couple of ice fishermen way out in Lake Superior fishing.



Wisconsin-Point-Lighthouse-15-3-_1782More photos from Wisconsin Point can be found on my website.

When the Lake Superior shipping season ended the third week of January some of the ships that ply the great lakes head for Duluth/Superior for winter layup. This season a smaller number of ships than normal are in winter layup. Five ships in all can be seen this winter. A sixth ship, the Edwin H. Gott , was scheduled to layup but it could not make it through the Soo Locks before they closed.

The John G. Munson was the last ship to come into port on January 20th and is in Fraser Shipyard for winter layup.John G. Munson 15-2-_2392

The Kaye E. Barker is in dry dock also at the Fraser Shipyard.

Kaye E. Barker 15-2-_2384

The Mesabi Miner came in on Monday morning, January 19, 2015 and can be found at the Midwest Energy Resources dock.


The American Integrity was the first of 6 vessels scheduled to arrive in Duluth/Superior for winter layup. She arrived on January 7and can be found at the Carrier Port Terminal Berth 1.


The Indiana Harbor arrived January 17th entering the Superior entrance and is at the Enbridge Ogdensburg Pier. We happened to be at Wisconsin Point when the Indiana Harbor arrived.



Lake Superior shipping should resume in about a month.