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Category Archives: Fall

We had several fall snowstorms that dumped over a foot of snow.



We had an early fall snowfall so I decided to walk out into the woods to take some photos of the fall leaves and the snow. It turned out most of my photos were fall leaf abstracts take my moving the camera or moving the lens.


It was a beautiful fall day for a hike on the Ice Age Trail. The fall colors were mainly the rust colors of the oaks. One of my favorite subjects for fall photography are reflection shots.


After visiting Perrot State Park we drove over to Trempealeau National Wildlife Refuge. Unfortunately there was very little wildlife but the colors were nice. We did notice that the water was very high. Lots of rain this fall has made the rivers high.


It was a beautiful fall day so we decided to drive down to Trempealeau, Wisconsin to visit Perrot State Park. When we arrived we discovered that the river valley was covered in fog.


During the fall color season we spent a morning hiking at Hoffman Hills. The hike started out in the prairie where the Big Blue Stem had turned a golden color.

We then started walking up the hill toward the tower. The morning light was shining through the trees.

The views from the tower showed that the colors were not at their peak but there was still some nice color.

On the way down I managed to capture some more nice color.


Early in the fall we had a snow squall that lasted about an hour. Here are few photos from the event. Shortly after the snowfall the sun was out.





We arrived at the Blue Hills mid afternoon. There were dark storm clouds right behind us. There were quite a few campers in the area and they were quickly evacuating their campsites.


The morning started out with a visit to Copper Falls State Park. It had been a number of years since we visited the park even though it was only a short side trip from our normal drive back to southern Wisconsin.


Late in the evening we drove out to Interstate Falls. Again there was a lot of water flowing over the falls.