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We arrived in Hurley late in the day. Normally we drive out to Gile Flowage for some sunset photos but it didn’t look like there wouldn’t be much of a sunset. We decided to drive out anyway to look around. Gile Flowage is one of the first places that fall colors turn in northern Wisconsin so we didn’t expect much color this late in the season. We were pleasantly surprised when the sun peaked though the clouds and lit up what color their was.



In my wanderings around the farm I find that fall is a great time to try some abstract photography. Use of a neutral density filter allows me to slow the speed of the the shot  even on a sunny day.

This show was created by focusing on a Sumac leaf then slowly zooming out.

This was created by slowly tilting the camera up.

This was created by slowly panning the camera.

We were fortunate to be around when the fall colors at Hoffman Hills were near their peak. The following day a fall hike was scheduled but the weather indicated strong winds and heavy rain so we went a day early.

I’m normally traveling during the fall color season and typically don’t get a chance to photograph fall colors on the farm. This fall I was home for a few days so I took the opportunity to walk around. the sumac were really in full color.

On the way back from High Falls we stopped at a couple of turnouts to photograph Wayswaugoing Bay  and Teal Lake. The lake side was much greener and had not yet reached its peak.

Teal Lake

Teal Lake

Wayswaugoing Bay

It was late in the day when we arrived at Grand Portage State Park for our hike to High Falls. As I mentioned the previous few days had seen heavy rain so we were braced to get drenched from the mist coming off of the falls. We were not disappointed. It was difficult to photograph the falls because the lens kept getting covered in water droplets. This is a common problem at this location.

Our main destination for the day was Oberg Mountain. We always stop for a fall hike and some spectacular views of Lake Superior and the interior colors. We were a bit late for the interior colors. There had been strong winds and heavy rain in the previous few days so many of the leaves were down. The trail was in poor condition because of the mud.

After participating in the Crazy Horse Volksmarch we decided to drive over to Mount Rushmore. We made an earlier visit about a month ago and our pass was still good so we decided to take advantage of it. We were also thinking of trying some of Thomas Jefferson’s ice cream.

On the drive over we noticed some great fall color so on the drive back toward Sylvan Lake we stopped a few places to get some photos.

One of our goals for the Black Hills trip was to participate in the Crazy Horse Memorial Fall Volksmarch. We had made the Volksmarch on a number of other occasions. I think this was our fourth time.

More photos from the Crazy Horse Memorial can be found on my website.

When we arrived in the parking area there was already a large crowd gathering. The march had not started so we walked over to the registration area and paid our fees.

The first part of the March was through the woods. We walked for quite a while with a young man from Washington State who was working in Wyoming for a few weeks and decided to drive over to the Custer area.

After leaving the woods the trail heads up the road to the back side of the Memorial.

It had been a beautiful fall day but by the time we reached the Memorial it had clouded up. Everyone says that they can’t see any progress on the Memorial but we did the Volksmarch two years ago and we could definitely see a lot of progress. On previous visits I had to use my wide angle lens to capture the full face but on this visit they had made more progress on the arm and hand and there was a lot more room at the top so it was easy to get a full shot of the head.

From Crazy Horse’s arm we could see the parking lot and the rest of the complex. We thought for sure we were going to get wet given the clouds we could see off to the west.

Since it looked like rain we didn’t stay on the arm long. This is a shot from the back side of the arm taken on the way down.

Of course, on the way down the sun came out and the fall colors were beautiful. I suggested that we walk back up to the top but couldn’t convince my wife. These are shots from the construction road.

These are some shots of the original buildings that were used when construction started as well as some of the old and new construction equipment.





The day following the Buffalo Roundup we planned on doing some hiking out of Badger Hole. There is a nice hike over the mountains to a horse camp that I made about fifteen years ago and we were going to try it. We had a couple of false starts before getting off on the wrong trail. We finally decided it was way too hot to hike. I thought I had lost one of my camera cases at the roundup the day before so we decided to drive the wildlife loop and stop at the parking lot to see if it fell out of the car. It was also a beautiful fall day so we thought we would get some nice fall photos.

More photos from Custer State Park can be found on my website.

When we reached the Buffalo pens there were quite a few folk taking photos of the Buffalo that had been rounded up the day before. The fall colors by the pens were near peak making for some great photos.

We didn’t see the Begging Burros at their normal place and were wondering where they were. A little while later we found them wandering down the road. It took us about a half an hour to get past them. For some reason they kept wanting to walk down the middle of the road.

Just past the burrows we noticed some outstanding fall color on the hills. I had to shoot fast because the burros were coming up the road and we didn’t want to get stuck behind them again.

A little while later my wife noticed this Coyote come out of the woods and walk through a Prairie Dog town. We quickly pull off the road and started taking photos. For some reason the last few times we have been in the Black Hills we have seen Coyotes. I’ve probably hike in the Black Hills fifteen times and had never seen a Coyote until recently. This one walked up to the road and stopped. It looked both ways then crossed the road. It seemed to have more sense that most people. It stopped on the other side of the road so we could get some more photos. Notice in the second photo there is a Prairie Dog at the very top of the photo watching the Coyote.