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When we arrived in Duluth we decided to take a walk along Park Point Beach. It was a beautiful sunny day. The wind was blowing and the surf was up. In addition, it was the second day of the Park Point Beach garage sale so we decided to walk out on the beach and return along the road.

Miscellaneous items found on the Park Point Beach.


By now you probably have guessed that we had a great time walking the Park Point Beach. The last photo shows the erosion found along the Beach. The water levels are 8 inches above the average for the last 10 years so when a storm comes, what is left of the beach, takes a beating.

While walking on the beach I started taking closeup photos of the patterns on the drift wood washed up on the beach.

While walking along Park Point Beach we found some interesting ice formations.

It was a beautiful day so we decided to walk over to Park Point Beach and walk along the Beach. There was still a little ice around so I spent time taking photos of ice patterns.


In the summer one of my favorite places to watch the ships is behind the South Pier Inn. The owners of the South Pier Inn have a beautiful flower garden along the shore. The garden provides a perfect foreground for the ships as they enter the harbor. On this particular day the American Spirit was entering the harbor.

American-Spirit -Duluth-Minnesota-16-7-_1504

American-Spirit -Duluth-Minnesota-16-7-_1514American-Spirit -Duluth-Minnesota-16-7-_1543

American-Spirit Duluth-Minnesota-16-7-_0292

I should say a walk along the disappearing Park Point Beach. With the high water levels in Lake Superior the beach is only a shadow of what it was a few years ago. My wife and I usually take a bag along with us and police the beach on the way back from our walks. We did receive a lot of compliments but noticed no one else was picking up.





A walk along Park Point Beach in Duluth, Minnesota revealed some amazing ice patterns. Here are just a few of them.








On a beautiful Saturday we took a walk on the Park Point Beach from the Sky Harbor Airport to the tip of Park Point. These are some of the things we encountered along the way.

Driftwood shelters are a common sight on the beach. Duluth Minnesota is in the background.

Driftwood Shelter

Driftwood Shelter

Driftwood is also found all along the beach. On one walk we found a young couple trying to carry a large root system to their car. I would probably make a great coffee table.



This is a memorial to Luke Voigt. Luke was tragically killed in a freak accident. The family was on a sailboat trip when a violent storm approached. They headed for safety at tip of Park Point. Everyone left the sailboat for shore when large hail started to fall. They then headed back to the sailboat but before they made it a lightening bold hid the water. Seven people were injured and Luke was killed.

Luke Voigt Memorial

Luke Voigt Memorial

Park Point is mainly a sand beach but in many areas there are pebbles along the shore.



More photos from Park Point can be found on my website.