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Category Archives: Superior Falls

After our visit to the UP of Michigan we stopped briefly at Superior Falls. I has hoped that the water level was low enough to work my way up river to get a good view of the falls but the water was too high. Another younger photographer was able to work his way up river and managed to get some good shots.


The waves were really pounding. We had high waves for several days on this trip.


There was not a lot of color but I managed to capture what little color there was.



We were up early the next morning. It had been blowing all night and we could hear the large waves hitting the beach. We drove down to Union Bay to photograph the waves. They were so high that they were coming over the road in a few places.

Union Bay Porcupine Mountains 15-10-_1081

Since we had already driven through the park a number of times we decided to drive out past Bonanza Falls to capture a few photos of the falls in the morning light with the clouds in the background.


Our next stop was Superior Falls just outside of Hurley Wisconsin. I was hoping the water levels were low enough so I could walk around a rocky point and get a straight on shot of the falls from the bottom. Unfortunately the water levels were too high. There were a number of other photographers there and one of them climbed over the rocks to get the shot but I’m getting to old for that. This is a photo of the mouth of the river.


It was getting late in the morning so we decided to drive over to Cornucopia, Wisconsin and have lunch. We made a brief stop at the Cornucopia Beach. There were some nice waves so we decided to drive down to Meyers Beach and walk out above the sea caves to watch the waves.


When we arrived at Meyers Beach we were in the process of filling out the parking registration when my wife recognized the couple in the car next to us. Turns out it was one of our sons best friends and his wife. What a small world.

The hike out to the sea caves has changed since our last visit a couple of years ago. The Park Service has installed a boardwalk for the first mile of the trail. It makes it much easier to walk and I’m sure it reduces the wear and tear on the trail.

When we reached the sea caves the waves had subsided a bit but it was still a great hike on a beautiful day. We hiked back and headed for our cabin in Duluth.


Last weekend we drove over to Ironwood to ski on the ABR Ski Trails. On the way we stopped at Superior Falls. I was looking for a particular picture but conditions were not quite what I expected. I was only about 2 above at the time so I only snapped a few photos before heading off for Ironwood.



My wife and I stopped at Superior Falls this past week. The falls is located at the mouth of the Montreal River where it enters Lake Superior. It borders Michigan and Wisconsin but is best seen from the Michigan side. Depending upon water levels you can get some good shots of the falls from the bottom of the falls. There are also trails along the top of the falls that offer some good photo opportunities.