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Category Archives: Eaglets

Bald Eagle


This past July 4th weekend I had an opportunity to get some great birds of prey photos. On Saturday night we took a boat trip on Long Lake (east of Spooner, Wisconsin). My brother-in-law knew of a Bald Eagle nest that had two eaglets that were about to fledge. As we boated past the nest there were two eaglets on the nest with an adult in a nearby tree. On the way back down the lake we passed the nest again and one of the adults had just brought some food to the nest. The other adult was still in a nearby tree. This nest was not as large as some since it was just built this year.



On Sunday we started home and drove past an Osprey nest a few miles from my brother-in-laws house. There was one bird on the nest and it appeared to be a fledgling Osprey. While we were watching it was constantly making sounds and flapping its wings. All of a sudden it flew from the nest and circled above. It would circle for a while then land. This went on for quite a while so we concluded that it was a fledgling practicing takeoffs and landings.


Osprey Nest

Later in the day we drove past Island Lake Rookery to view another Osprey nest. There was one adult in the nest with some young still in the nest. The second adult was in a tree not far away. These young seemed to be quite a bit smaller than the one we had seen near Long Lake.

Canada Anemone

Finally a nice day after several weeks of cloudy and rainy weather. Friday, June 24th,  I was out early for a six mile walk on the Red Cedar State Trail. It was windy out so I just took my camera and the 28-300mm lens along. This was my first walk on the trail in several weeks so I was interested in finding out what had changed.


Yellow Flag Iris

I think the pent up demand was evident as there were a lot of bikers out this morning since this was the first time we had seen the sun all week.


Bald Eagles

There were a variety of birds along the trail. Several types of sparrows, and warblers, Grosbeaks and Grey Catbirds were also abundant. Lots of bird calls but it was sometimes difficult to find them with all of the foliage on the trees. I did walk past the eagles nest at the 1.5 mile mark. Two fledglings were out on limbs above the nest. I suspect they will be leaving the nest in the next week or so.



As the day warmed up more and more butterflies and dragonflies could be found along the trail. I counted five different types of butterflies and a couple dragonflies.


Prickly Rose

There were a few late spring flowers still in bloom and many of the early summer flowers were blooming all along the trail. It’s one of the reasons I like to walk the trail rather than bike so I can stop and smell the roses.