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Category Archives: Houghton Falls State Wildlife Area

On our way to Bayfield we stopped at Houghton Falls State Natural Area. It was cold enough for some nice frost.


One of the things my wife and I love to do in the spring is watch the Canada Geese at Hoffman Hills Recreation Area. Most years a pair of geese build a nest on one of the ponds. We can usually predict fairly closely when the hatch will occur.


We have been watching this pair for a month now. One of the geese will be on the nest and the other will be hiding in the reeds away from the nest.



Yesterday we were out checking to see if anyone had hatched yet. When we first check on her she was still on the nest. When we walked by a second time I notice that she seemed to be squirming around on the nest. A closer look showed a couple of goslings had just hatched. One was peeking out under the adults wing and another one was peeking out above the wing. We watched them for a while and decided to stop back the next morning to check on their progress.



Overnight we had a terrible storm with over 2 inches of rain in a short period of time. We wondered how the young goslings had fared. When we arrived we found that in all six goslings had hatched. We watched them swim around with their parents. After about an hour of swimming around they went back to the nest and disappeared under one of the adults.



After Leaving Washburn we headed just down the road to Houghton Falls State Wildlife Area. We were again disappointed in the lack of water flowing over the falls. With all of the rain we expected a good water flow. We walked out to Houghton Point but were generally disappointed in the visit.

More photos from Houghton Falls State Wildlife Area can be found on my website.