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Category Archives: Lake Superior Dragon Boat Festival

Several of my photos can be found in the 2014 Wisconsin’s Great Lakes calendar published by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources. The first photo shows dragon boat racers at the Superior Dragon Boat Festival. The Fairlawn Mansion is in the background. It was the family home of mining and lumber baron Martin Pattison. More photos from the Dragon Boat Festival can be found on my website




The second photo shows the Heritage Marine Tugg Nels J clearing the way for the Baie Cameau to leave Duluth/Superior Harbor in late January. The Port of Superior is in the background.

Nels J

Nels J




Lake-Superior-Dragon-Boat-Festival-13-8-_8502As you can see by this topic I’m a little slow in processing some of my photographs. I find it is a lot more fun to take photographs than it is to load them into the computer and process them.

Lake-Superior-Dragon-Boat-Festival-13-8-_8407I had been wanting to attend the Lake Superior Dragon Boat Festival for some time but weather and other commitments had prevented it. I happened to be in Superior, Wisconsin in late August of this year and was able to take in the event.

Lake-Superior-Dragon-Boat-Festival-13-8-_8624 I had no idea what to expect since I had never seen a dragon boat let alone attend a dragon boat festival. I was really impressed by the organization of the event. I assumed that each team had its own boat but it turns out the boats were supplied and all of the teams used the same boats. After a race the Lake-Superior-Dragon-Boat-Festival-13-8-_8589boats would return to the dock and all of the participants exited the boats is an organized fashion. In the meantime all of the rowers for the next raced were lined up and marched out into the dock to quickly load the boats. This went on all day without a hitch.

Lake-Superior-Dragon-Boat-Festival-13-8-_8733We stopped by in the morning to get some shots with the sun in the background and made a second stop in the afternoon when the sun was in the background when shooting down the course.

Lake-Superior-Dragon-Boat-Festival-13-8-_8526A dog and boy enjoy the festival.

More photos from the festival can be found on my website.