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Category Archives: Wildlife Photography

Some days I’m not able to get many photos of Chickadees because they move around so fast. However, during the snow storm they seemed to spend a little more time on their perches.



I happened to be looking out the window and noticed this 8 point buck standing out near the woods. I grabbed the camera was photographing him when I noticed he was looking at something. As I watch a doe came walking along. When the doe noticed the buck it took off running past him. The buck seemed totally uninterested but then it wandered into the woods and seemed to be following the doe.



As I mentioned in an earlier post I’ve placed a trail cam on the farm in conjunction with the Wisconsin DNR Snapshot Wisconsin program. For me it’s just a fun thing to do. For the DNR it provides them with valuable information regarding the numbers and types of wildlife in the area. These are a few photos from the past couple of weeks. I’ve been seeing mostly White-tailed Deer so far this winter. There have been a number of bucks around and I’ve captured a couple of them fighting on several different occasions. Maybe they know the cameras is watching them.

This is the first time I captured a Coyote with the trail cam.


My photo of a White-throated Sparrow appeared in the November-December issue of Wetland Matters in an article by Dave Styer.


We had some flurries a couple of weeks ago. Not much snow but what we did have were very large flakes. I notice these White-tailed Deer walking along the woods.

I had quite a few Northern Cardinals show up at my feeders during a brief snowstorm.


A month ago I joined a Wisconsin DNR program called Snapshot Wisconsin. I went to a training session in Spooner, Wisconsin where I was given instructions and the camera equipment. The DNR is looking for volunteers to place trail cameras all over the state. The data is then used to the conditions of various species. The trail cameras are free but you are required to upload the photos periodically and then go through the photos and identify if they contain people (these are deleted), if the photo is blank or what type of animal is in the photo. I’ve been through the process several times and it does require severalĀ  hours every few weeks. It depends upon how much wildlife you have in your area. These are a few of the shots from the first month of activity.

Most of my activity consisted of White-tailed Deer including a nice buck that has been hanging around. I extracted the photos near the end of deer season but I don’t know if the buck survived. Since the season ended I have seen the four does that were hanging around.

White Tailed Deer

White Tailed Deer

White Tailed Deer

White Tailed Deer



Hunters are always complaining that there are no deer. It might be that the deer are all in my front yard. At least they were the first couple of days of deer season. These two were part of a small herd of five that were frolicking in the front yard.

I found this one looking in my front window. She was busy eating under the bird feeder. She looked malnourished and we were wondering if she wasn’t suffering from Chronic wasting disease . She turned up at the feeder four times during the day.

As I mentioned in an earlier post we were about to head out on a hiking trip when my wife noticed a White-tailed Deer buck in the front yard. When I grabbed the camera I reminded myself that we might see some Bald Eagles along the way. The weekend before we had driven down to Iowa and saw in excess of 20 Bald Eagles. We hadn’t gone five miles when my wife noticed this fellow along the road. We drove down the road and I got my camera out and headed back to get some photos. He posed for quite a while before flying off. We noticed he headed for a tree in the valley where there was another Bald Eagle.

We took a short fall hike on the Red Cedar State Trail. We noticed some folks ahead of us looking up into the trees so when we reached the same area we tried to find what they were looking at. We could hear a bird calling and soon found this Broad Winged Hawk sitting in a tree. We watched it for quite a while before continuing out hike. On our way back we found it was still in the same tree.