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Monthly Archives: August 2018

A few of the things I photographed on the farm this week.


Milkweed Tiger Moth

Red Clover



Wild Basil

Wild Champion

Driving through Crex Meadows we found about a dozen Monarch Butterflies.

These are a few of the things I photographed while walking around the farm last week.

Black-eyed Susan

Berry Leaf

Butter and Eggs

Flower Fly

A local report on the news indicated that we have been overrun by Japanese Beetles again this year. I have been finding them out in the Prairie. Since I didn’t put a garden in this year I’ve not had to contend with the them. This pair was mating. As an indication of how devastating they can be the one beetle was eating while mating.

Returning from a trip aborad I found that I had a large number of Sunflowers blooming under my bird feeder.

The Groundnut’s are blooming along the Red Cedar Trail although they seem to be blooming in different locations from past years. It is one of my favorite fall flowers.

We have been seeing about thirty birds flying around the yard at dusk. We thought they were swallows so we didn’t pay much attention. Last night I went out to take a closer look and determined they were not swallows. I grabbed the camera and tried to get some shots. It was difficult because of the low light and speed at which they were flying. I couldn’t figure out what they were but when I looked at the photos I determined it was a gathering of Night Hawks. First time I have seen anything like this.


The Spotted and Pale Touch Me Nots are in full bloom along the Red Cedar State Trail.


Spotted Touch-me-not

Pale Touch-me-not

Pale Touch-me-not

I’ve had the opportunity to hike several sections of the Red Cedar State Trail last week. It has really been hot and muggy so my hikes have taken place early in the morning. These are a few of the things I’ve seen.


Wild Cucumber


False Sunflower

A few weeks ago we drove around Crex Meadows. There were quite a few wildflowers out.

White Water Lily


Yellow Pond Lily

Wild Lupine

Prairie Phlox

Orange Hawkweed

Large-flowered Beardtounge

Indian Paintbrush

Canada Frostweed

Blue Flag Iris

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