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There are a variety of flowers blooming this wee. The most prominent are the Wild Lupine and the Prairie Smoke. Orange Hawkweed, Goat’s Beard and Blue Flag Iris are also blooming. I used to see a lot of Blue Flag Iris around but most of it seems to have dissapeared.

I managed to photograph a few birds. I haven’t seen any Eastern Bluebirds nesting this year. Most of the nests seem to be occupied by Tree Swallows.

There were a pair of Canada Geese nesting this year. We were on a trip when they started sitting on the eggs. They were still on the nest until the end of this week. Most of the Canada Geese hatched their young two or three weeks ago and we were concerned that something was wrong. The first shot of the male was taken a couple of weeks ago. The second shot was taken of him earlier in the week when he was near the nest and looking depressed. When we went out yesterday both adult geese were gone and we couldn’t find any young. We concluded there was a problem and the young did not hatch.

Some additional wildlife around. This White-tailed Deer took of running. There were also a few butterflies around.

The grasses are also blooming in the prairie area.

Generally we visit Perrot State Park in the Spring and in the fall but we had some time and the need to finish a book we were listening to on the car CD so we drove down to  Perrot State Park for a hike to the overlook of the Mississippi River.





There were a lot of dragonflies around. I had my macro lens on the camera so it was a challenge to get close enough to them to get a photograph.

Common Whitetail

Common Pondhawk

There were also some butterflies around but I didn’t have much luck photographing them.

Aphrodite Fritillary

There were also a variety of wildflowers blooming.

Goat’s Beard

Butterfly Weed


The wildflowers were in full bloom as we drove around Crex Meadows. This was the most wildflowers I’ve seen at one time at Crex. We seemed to have hit it just right. Normally I have problems photographing wildflowers because the wind is usually blowing at a good clip but early in the morning it was relatively calm so after driving around looking for birds we started looking for wildflowers.

More  photos from Crex Meadows can be found on my website.

Wild Columbine

Wild Columbine

Veine Pea

Veine Pea

Hawk's Beard

Hawk’s Beard

Downy Phlox

Downy Phlox

Goat's Beard

Goat’s Beard

I’ve been out to Hoffman Hills several times the past week photographing flowers. There are a wide variety of late spring flowers blooming in the prairie and wetlands areas west of the access road with more flowers on the way. There are a couple that I haven’t been able to identify so if you know what they are let me know.

Prairie Smoke

Wild Lupine

Unknown Flower

Unknown Flower


Red Clover

Orange Hawkweed


Goat's Beard

Canada Hawkweed

Blue Flag Iris

Culver's Root