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Category Archives: Arrowhead Bridge

I don’t get a lot of sleep when I’m in Duluth. I’m usually up before sunrise and watch for ships until sunset. On this day I got up for sunrise and drove down to Canal Park. It was obvious there was not going to be a sunrise so I drove down to Rice’s Point. I had been wanting to take some night photos in this area but hadn’t gotten around to it. This is a photo of the Arrowhead and Blatnick bridges.


It was the blue hour so I managed to get some photos with a deep blue tint. The Paul R. Tregurtha was loading coal.

Paul R. Tregurtha 16-5-_3143

A bit later I took a photo of the Arrowhead Bridge.



This past weekend in Duluth the wind was blowing Lake Superior ice onto shore. I spent some time photographing the ice flows. This shot shows the ice being blown into the harbor through the ship canal. The harbor lighthouses are in the background. The photo was taken from the Duluth Aerial Lift Bridge.



These two shots were taken on the outside of the ship canal where the ice was still frozen in place.



This shot was taken from the Arrowhead Bridge at Rice’s Point. The ice had been broken up by the tugs and ships passing earlier in the day.


While out photographing ships in layup I walked out to the tip of the Arrowhead Bridge at Rice’s Point in Duluth, Minnesota. On the way back I took a few photos of the historic bridge.