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Miscellaneous items found on the Park Point Beach.


There are a number of Great Lakes Ships in Duluth for winter layup. The shipping season usually ends in mid January and resumes again around the third week in March. As you can see most of the ships are being worked on while they are in port for winter layup.

Philip R. Clark

Philip R. Clark Port Terminal Berth 1

American Century

American Century Port Terminal Berth 11

American Spirit

American Spirit Port Terminal Berth 8 and 9

Rodger Blough

Rodger Blough Port Terminal Berth 4


Author M. Anderson

Author M. Anderson At CNN Docks

The Philip R Clarke arrived in Duluth at six am. I managed to get out of bed at sunrise and saw that it was attempting to dock. I drove down to the harbor to watch as several tug boats attempted to get it into the docks for winter layup. I finally gave up and drove back to the condo for breakfast. Late in the morning we were leaving town so we drove past the docks to see how things were going. The Clarke still wasn’t docked but they were getting close. More photos from Duluth Harbor can be found on my website.

American Spirit- Philip R. Clarke

American Spirit- Philip R. Clarke

American Spirit- Philip R. Clarke and Helen H

American Spirit- Philip R. Clarke and Helen H

- American Spirit and Helen H

-American Spirit and Helen H

American Spirit and Helen H

American Century – Helen H – American Spirit and Philip R. Clarke


It was one of the last days of the 2016 Great Lakes shipping season in Duluth, Minnesota. I was awaken at 6 a.m. when I heard salutes as  the Philip R. Clark sailed under the Aerial Lift Bridge. It was still dark out so I didn’t get up to go down to the harbor. At sunrise I checked on the Live Ship Map to see where the Philip R. Clark was in the harbor. Because of the ice in the harbor it was just attempting to dock at berth 1 at the Port Terminal. I grabbed my camera gear and drove down to the harbor to watch the Helen H from Heritage Marine breaking ice and attempting to pull the Clark into is berth. There were quite a few other Boat Nerds watching and photographing the docking. There was some great light as the sun was just coming up.





I was up early to watch the American Century leave Duluth.




I was down at the Duluth, Minnesota Harbor to watch the finish of the NorthShore Inline Marathon when I noticed the Mesabi Miner leaving the harbor. I became engrossed in watching the ship and almost missed the elite inline skaters finish the race. This was also the weekend of the Le Festival des Montgolfières  which is Duluth’s balloon festival. A couple of years ago during this same weekend the Mesabi Miner had a steering problem and didn’t make the turn. As a result it ran aground at Bayfront Park during the festival.



When I’m in Duluth during the summer I try to make it down to the Waterfront Plaza Marina where the sport fishing boats are docked. I usually see them heading out when I’m photographing the sunrise. They come back in around 11:30 and 4:30. It is fun to see what they are catching. This year was a very good year. In past years I’ve seen people return with no fish but every time I watched this year they had fish and usually quite a few fish. This was clearly the best day I had witnessed.



As I was walking down to Bayfront Park to watch the Le Festival des Montgolfières I noticed a lot of fog. As I neared the harbor I could hear a fog horn but it was not coming from the lighthouse. It turned out to be the Baie St Paul which was sitting out in the harbor blowing its fog horn. Apparently the fog was too thick for it to try and navigate the Ship Canal so it was sitting and waiting for the fog to clear. It was about a half an hour before it was able to navigate the Ship Canal.



It seems like every year at the Duluth Tall Ship Festival there is a day or two of stormy weather. This year was no exception.

When and If

When and If

Appledore V

Appledore V

Pride of Baltimore II

Pride of Baltimore II

We had a chance to visit the Bentleyville Tour of Lights this week. It is Billed as America’s Largest Free Walk Through Lighting Display. This year it is bigger and better than ever with new displays covering a larger area. Visitors are is located at Bayfront Park on the shores of Lake Superior in Duluth, Minnesota. Even better they have complimentary hot cocoa, cookies, popcorn and roasted marshmallows! If you haven’t had a chance to visit the display and you are in the Duluth area be sure to stop in. You can even purchase a book entitled “Bentleyville Tour of Lights” with many of my photos in it.

More Photographs from the Tour of Lights can be found on my website.