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This year we were in Duluth, Minnesota to view the fireworks. There are many locations to watch them and this year we chose to view them from the North Breakwater.

Earlier this week we were in Duluth, Minnesota for the annual 4th of July fireworks. This year we watched from near the DECC.





More photos from this years fireworks can be found on my webpage.

Duluth, Minnesota has some great firework and in an beautiful setting. If you are in the area this 4th of July try and take them in.

My first year of watching the Duluth Fireworks was from our balcony on Michigan Street. All of the shots were close-ups of the explosions.


The second year we walked down to the North Breakwater and photographed them with the Lift Bridge in the background.


Last year we walked down to Leif Erickson Park and watched them from the shoreline of Lake Superior.


More Duluth fireworks photos can be found on my website.

This is the third year I’ve photographed the 4th of July fireworks in Duluth. The first year I shot from our condo balcony. Last year I shot from the South Breakwater down in Canal Park. This year I shot from the lake front on the east end of Leif Erikson Park. I found a nice rock to sit on with tripod partly in the lake.

More Duluth fireworks photos can be found on my website.


Duluth-Fireworks-14-7-_0833I used a Nikon D7100 with a Tamron 28-300mm lens which gave me enough range to shoot from wide angle to close-ups. Duluth-Fireworks-14-7-_0805