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In late October the Duluth, Minnesota waterfront was hit by a ferocious storm. The lake experienced 28 foot waves. We decided to take a walk along the beach to see what changes occurred. Before the storm there was only a small sliver of beach remaining because of the high water in Lake Superior. After the storm 10-15 feet of the sand dunes behind the beach had been washed away making for a much larger beach. It appeared that the beach erosion had reached some of the out buildings and another storm of this magnitude would probably have an impact on some of the homes on the beach. Because of the high water in the Lake many of the homes on park point have water in the basement. The bottom photo shows what happened to the beach grass that was holding the sand dunes in place.


My wife and I spent a beautiful morning walking along the Park Point Beach. We were thinking of all the folks in Florida who want to live on the beach but have to endure hurricanes to do so. They should think of moving to Duluth.

When we arrived in Duluth we decided to take a walk along Park Point Beach. It was a beautiful sunny day. The wind was blowing and the surf was up. In addition, it was the second day of the Park Point Beach garage sale so we decided to walk out on the beach and return along the road.

On a recent visit to Duluth I managed to capture a few photos of the North and South Breakwater Light. There was only on other photographer around and he was really wrapped up in his work.

Miscellaneous items found on the Park Point Beach.


While walking on the beach I started taking closeup photos of the patterns on the drift wood washed up on the beach.

While walking along Park Point Beach we found some interesting ice formations.

It was a beautiful day so we decided to walk over to Park Point Beach and walk along the Beach. There was still a little ice around so I spent time taking photos of ice patterns.


My wife went shopping so I decided to take a walk on Park Point Beach. There was a little ice forming and there didn’t seem to be many things to photograph. I did manage a couple of intimate photos of things on the beach as well as this photo of a seesaw that someone created. Park-Point-Beach-13-12-_0623