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On a recent trip to Duluth we noticed that the Neah Bay was in the harbor so we walked down to take a look at it. I don’t believe I have photographed this ship before.


On our recent trip to Duluth we took in the 2018 edition of the Bentleyville Tour of Lights. Every year they seem to get better. This year was the best ever

with a number of new displays.


In the last year Duluth, Minnesota has been hit by three severe winter storms. The beautiful lakewalk has been been destroyed by these storms. Efforts are underway to make repairs and develop a plan to repair the lakewalk.

In late October the Duluth, Minnesota waterfront was hit by a ferocious storm. The lake experienced 28 foot waves. We decided to take a walk along the beach to see what changes occurred. Before the storm there was only a small sliver of beach remaining because of the high water in Lake Superior. After the storm 10-15 feet of the sand dunes behind the beach had been washed away making for a much larger beach. It appeared that the beach erosion had reached some of the out buildings and another storm of this magnitude would probably have an impact on some of the homes on the beach. Because of the high water in the Lake many of the homes on park point have water in the basement. The bottom photo shows what happened to the beach grass that was holding the sand dunes in place.

My wife and I spent a beautiful morning walking along the Park Point Beach. We were thinking of all the folks in Florida who want to live on the beach but have to endure hurricanes to do so. They should think of moving to Duluth.

My wife and I decided to hike up the Lester Park Bike trail a couple of weeks ago. The fall leaves were just starting to turn. It was a Monday and we were fortunate not to encounter too many bikers. It was a beautiful although warm day. Duluth is in the process of creating bike trails throughout the city and it is now a destination for bikers from around the country.

Lester River

Lester River

Bike Trail

The trees were starting to turn in Duluth.

On the return trip we walked down the Amity Creek bikeĀ  trail. This was more of a challenge for bikers and we saw a couple of then take bad tumbles.

Amity Creek

There are quite a few birch trees in the park so it should be a nice place to hike during the fall color season.

We were surprised to find a variety of wildflowers blooming along the trail. Most of them were flowers that bloomed at home six weeks ago.

A few shots from several visits to the Duluth Rose Garden.


Around the end of December a pair of Ivory Gulls were spotted in Duluth, Minnesota creating a major stir among bird watchers. According to the Cornell Lab they only rarely come south of the Bering Sea or the Maritime Provinces. The Ivory Gull is native to the High Arctic and has only been reported in Minnesota about a dozen times in the last 70 years.


One of the Gulls died shortly after arriving in Duluth but the other bird has been spending time in Canal Park. When my wife and I arrived in Duluth we drove down to Canal Park to see if it was still around. I walked around and didn’t see it. When we arrived I noticed a photographer with a big lens walking back to his car. I went over and asked him if the Ivory Gull was around. Turns out I it was around I just didn’t know what I was looking for. It was sitting out on the North Breakwater all by itself. It looks to be the size of a pigeon but with a longer wing span. Birders said this one was probably about a year old. It still had black on its wings and around the face. The adult bird is totally white. Of course I didn’t have my camera along so I assumed I would never get a shot of it.


We came back the next day and there were quite a few bird watchers around. The Gull was still sitting on the North Breakwater. I managed to get a few shots of it. Apparently people have been feeding it salmon fillets and tuna. It was cold enough for ice to form on the lake so photographers were baiting the bird by tossing food onto the ice so they could get a good shot. Everyone was a little concerned that it would eat so much it wouldn’t be able to fly.



We returned on the next morning looking for the Gull. It was the weekend and there was a large crowd on hand with their big lenses and scopes. The bird was perched on the South Breakwater and was out of range of my large lens. We watched for a while then headed over to Amnicon Falls to take some photos.


On our return we were photographing ships at Rice’s Point when we encountered another bird photographer looking for Snowy Owls. He said the Gull had flown right up to him earlier in the morning. We decided to go back to Canal Park and try for some more photos.


When we arrived there was still a large crowd around. I was trying to find the Gull when if flew right up to us. It flew around for a while before landing right in the middle of a group of photographers. One photographer was about four feet from it. I don’t know what kind of shot he got because he has a 600mm lens on .


The bird sat on the North Breakwater among all of the photographers and bird watchers for quite a while. When it went to take off it seemed to be having some problems. I gather they are not very graceful on land with a big body and short legs. At any rate it flew around some more and landed briefly in the water before flying away.



Quite the experience. As one birdwatcher put it this is the rarest bird you will ever see.


Every summer Thomas the Tank Engine visits Duluth Minnesota to provide rides for kids. There are all kinds of activities for kids at the North Shore Scenic Railroad depot during the weekend. I usually try and walk down to the depot to check on the activities.




Pier B Resort is being built next to Bayfront Park on the Duluth Waterfront. I happened to be in Bayfront Park early in the morning and took a few photos of the activity.


I was particularly interested in what they were doing at the boat slip. The John R. Asher was moving barges of dredged material over to the slip and a crane was dumping the material into the slip. At the time I couldn’t figure out what they were doing but found out later that the soil under the slip is contaminated so they are putting dredged material from the harbor in the slip to provide a seal the contaminated material.

John R. Asher

John R. Asher


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