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Monthly Archives: July 2013

As I mentioned in an earlier post I had a Yellow-bellied Sapsucker turn up at my feeding station. The second week of July I had a Yellow-bellied Sapsucker fledgling show up at my feeding station. To say that it was clueless is an understatement. It landed at the station and just sat there for most of the morning. The adult was nowhere to be found. Finally the adult turned up and fed the fledgling some grape jelly. This went on for almost a week. The fledgling kept landing at different places on the feeder and looking at the grape jelly. Finally it seemed to develop a routine and would land at one spot and gradually work its way to s place below the grape jelly. That is as far as it got for several day. It would just sit and look at the jelly. Finally it hopped up to the feeder and seemed to be eating jelly that others had dropped on the outside of the feeder. Then one day it actually hopped up on the feeder and started eating. It was around for little over a week before both the adult and fledgling disappeared.




It’s not the son but a Common Tern that my wife and I saw down at the Duluth Harbor. We had gone for a walk and ended up along the harbor wall. I noticed a bird flying towards me and thought it was probably a gull but as it came closer the sharp definition of the wings made me realize it was a Common Tern. I kicked myself for not having the camera ready. However, the Tern flew past us and made a sweeping turn and flew back down the harbor. Soon I noticed it flying back toward us along the harbor wall. It was fishing for small fish. We watched it for about twenty minutes as it repeated the process before flying off.




Just before sunrise I noticed that the Tug Spartan pushing the barge Spartan II was going to be arriving in Duluth. I walked down to Canal Park to see if I could get some photos. There are not a lot of tugboats pushing barges that come to Duluth. Fortunately there was enough light when the tug came through the harbor entrance that I could get some photos.




I walked down to the Duluth Rose Garden the other day but on my way I happened upon the Wild Ones Garden Club wildflower garden positioned at the entry to Lief Erikson Park. There were a large number of wildflowers in bloom.



Canada Anemone

Canada Anemone






I walked down to Canal Park to photograph the sunrise. While I was out on the North Breakwater Pier the Cason J. Callaway came into the harbor. I managed a few shots as it entered the harbor.




The next morning I was out photographing the sunrise. I noticed the Duluth Lift Bridge was going up and the Cason J. Callaway was on its way out.


The Cason J. Callaway was built in 1952 and it’s life has been extended when it was lengthened 120 feet in 1974 to its current length of 767 feet. In 2002 it underwent extensive renovations at Fraser Shipyards in Superior making it one of the most advanced steam powered ships on the Great Lakes. More information on the Callaway can be found on the Duluth Shipping News website.


I spent several mornings down at Canal part shooting the sunrise. It wasn’t particularly spectacular but there were some nice shots to be had. I ran into a fellow photographer and spent some time talking about photography. It was the same photographer I had encountered at Wisconsin Point a few days before.





Late in the spring I had a Yellow-bellied Sapsucker turn up at my feeding station. This is the first time I had seen one on the farm and the first time one turned up at my feeding station. It was extremely shy and the slightest movement would cause it to fly from the feeder. It was around for almost a month before I could get a photo of it. It generally landed on the suet feeder but spent most of its time at the grape jelly feeder. It always seem to take the same route to reach the grape jelly and always fed at the same place.




One afternoon my wife and I walked through Congdon Park to take some waterfall pictures along Tischer Creek. It was late in the afternoon so many of the waterfalls were in the shade.




The early spring flowers were in bloom in the Duluth Rose Garden. Only a few roses were blooming but many other flowers were in bloom.






At sunrise almost every day the Duluth sports charter fishing fleet leaves the harbor at sunrise. This last visit was no exception. Usually they all gather at the lift bridge and head leave the harbor at the same time. This particular weekend they headed out in smaller groups. The lift bridge went up about five times in less than an hour to let them out.


The charters usually are for a half day so just before noon they return to Waterfront Plaza Marina to drop off the morning charters and then head out again with the afternoon charters. I had never gone down to watch them come in and clean the catch but last weekend we had some time so my wife and I walked down to take in the event.

It usually involves hanging the days catch on some hooks for a photo session then cleaning the days catch.




We happened to be at the harbor when the blue pedestrian bridge over the marina entrance came down when a cable broke. I noticed it was down when I was taking photos. You can just see it over the left arm of the fellow cleaning the fish. Turned out it was a major problem. The charter fishing boats that were in the marina couldn’t get out and those out fishing couldn’t get back in. It took several days to repair.