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Category Archives: Wildflower Photography

It has become somewhat of a tradition that we drive down to Perrott State Park and Hike and have dinner at a local Restaurant. It gives us a chance to enjoy the spring flowers. They were really blooming this year. These are only a few of the flowers we found along the trail. Since our last visit the trail to Brady’s Bluff, has been moved and it now goes through vast fields of Shooting Stars.

More photos from Perrot can be found on my website.

Shooting Star

Rue Anemone

Large-flowered Bellwort






Walking around Hoffman Hills we noticed these flowers were blooming.

Prairie Smoke


There were quite a few birds around.

Belted Kingfisher


Eastern Bluebirds

Tree Swallow

Canada Geese Goslings

As we were leaving a Muskrat swam by.


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There are a variety of spring flowers blooming on the south slopes of the hills on the farm. They all seemed to pop up at the same time. one day there were no flowers blooming. The next day it rained and two days later the woods were carpeted with flowers.

Large-flowered Bellwort

Large Flowered Trillium


Downy Yellow Violet

Common Blue Violet


Wood Anemone

After leaving Red Canyon and Moccasin Mountain Tracksite we drove to Page, Arizona. The next morning we retraced our route back toward Knab, Utah. We were looking for a ranger station to get updated information. The first one we stopped at was closed but were able to find someone at the Paria Contact Station. She was a retired volunteer who spends her summers working in national parks and was very knowledgeable about the area and current conditions. We then headed for the Toadstools which were just down the road from the Contact Station. I had been there an number of years ago and thought it would be a nice short hike.

In addition to the Toadstools we found a few early spring flowers blooming.

There was also a little wildlife to be found.


A variety of flowers are blooming along the Red Cedar State Trail. The most common flowers are the Touch-me-nots which are blooming all along the trail.

Pale Touch-me-not





Blue Verian

Blooming Grass

Walking around Hoffman Hills the last few weeks I have been able to find a wide variety of insects. This is getting to be a good time of year to look for insects.

Monarch Butterfly

Twelve-spotted Skimmer

Honey Bee

Flower Fly

Done Leaf Beetle


There are a variety of flowers blooming at Hoffman Hills Recreation Area. The predominant flower is the Queen Anne’s Lace.

Queen Anne’s Lace

Purple Cone Flower

Prairie Blazing Star

Joe-pye Weed

Butterfly Weed




Red Milkweed Beetle

Daisy Fleabane


The Pale and Spotted Touch-me-nots are blooming along the Red Cedar State Trail.

Pale Touch-me-not