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Category Archives: Abstract Photograpohy

While processing some of my photos of the Little Carp River in the Porcupine Mountains Wilderness State Park, I decided to try some colorful abstracts which brought out the fall color reflections in the river.






Various fall shots in the Black River Harbor area.

Black River Harbor Beach

Black River Harbor Beach

Black River Harbor Breakwater

Black River Harbor Breakwater

Forest Abstract

Forest Abstract

At least once during the summer I like to walk around the farm taking abstract photos. these are are from flowers growing around the farm.





One of my favorite spring photography subjects are ripples in small streams. These were taken on a small stream flowing into the Red Cedar River.



I have a friend who spends a lot of time photographing a plum thicket. My equivalent is my Sumac patch. I photograph the Sumac patch year around. Last week I was out photographing after a snowfall.




Fresh snow provided the opportunity to walk around the farm to create some winter abstract photos.




I don’t do a lot of abstract photography with the exception of water reflections. Generally I resort to abstract photography when I don’t have anything else to photograph or I’m bored.

Black River Harbor – is one of my favorite places to photograph water reflections. I can easily spend hours under the bridge over the Black River photographing the fall reflections.


The Woods – Several times during the year I walk out into the woods to create some abstract photos. In this case I used a slow speed combined with a neutral density filter. By pointing the camera at the ground and slowly raising it I’m able to capture a different view of the woods.

Duluth Harbor – This photograph was an accident. I was taking some extended exposure photographs of the Duluth Harbor at night. I was on my last photograph when I noticed someone flying a drone and got excited and picked up the camera before the photograph was completed. The blue on the right side of the photograph are from the Bentleyville Tour of Lights.


Little Carp River Leaf Trails – was created when I found a small eddy in the stream where the leaves were moving in a variety of directions. A long exposure created the patterns.


Wildflowers – This photo was created using a low ISO setting and a neutral density filter. I used a telephoto lens and focused on one part of the photo, poused briefly before moving the lens to take a wider view and then paused again.


I typically end up doing abstract photography when I’m bored or a have a little too much time on my hands. These were created on a fall walk around the farm. I use a variable neutral density filter to allow me to slow the shutter speed down. I then hand hold the camera taking a long exposure. Moving it up or down creates the vertical images and turning the camera creates the circular images.




In the fall I like to photograph the leaves as they float down the rivers and streams. These were taken during a stop at the Little Carp River in the Porcupine Wilderness State Park. There were lots of yellow but very few reds this year.




While I was processing this photo of the Blue Hills I decided to process the same photo several times with a different approach each time.


Blue Hills 15-10-_2867-Creative

Blue Hills 15-10-_2867-B&W