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Tag Archives: Forest Abstracts

We had an early fall snowfall so I decided to walk out into the woods to take some photos of the fall leaves and the snow. It turned out most of my photos were fall leaf abstracts take my moving the camera or moving the lens.


It was a foggy morning on the farm so I decided to walk out into the woods and create some forest abstracts. These were created by moving the camera up and down or rotating the camera.



I captured a few more forest abstract photos before the spring birding and flower photography season gets underway.









One of my favorite places to photograph on the farm is a grove of Sumac. These were taken on a foggy morning.








On a gloomy day I decided to walk around my woods and create some forest abstract photographs.









With the reduced number of photo opportunities in the winter I occasionally turn to creating abstract photos using various techniques. Here is a brief sampling of my efforts.