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Our goal for the day was to visit the TeamLab Borderless Digital Art Exhibit in Koto City. We had a little time in the morning so I took a photo of our hotel and the view across the street from out hotel.

More photos from the day can can be found on my website.

We then walked on our sons apartment to meet up with him and his girlfriend. On the way we found footprints painted on the sidewalk. Apparently this is where you should stand before crossing the street.

As we walked around we noticed that some people had these little solar powered figures outside their homes. They wave at you during the day when the sun is shining.

We then took the train to DiverCity, Tokyo Plaza Where we had lunch. It was Culture Day in Japan so the place was packed with people. This is one of about 20 holidays in Japan. We keep telling our son that he has it made living in Japan. He gets 20 days of vacation, 20 holidays and his office closes down for two weeks at Christmas. In addition, he has health care an extremely clean and safe environment as well as a great public transportation system. Most important he is just a train ride from some of the best skiing in the world.

The cotton candy this little girl had was huge.

Outside the plaza we found the Unicorn Gundam Statue.


There were some great views of Koto City as we walked over to the Digital Art Exhibit. I thought this was an interesting flower exhibit.

It was crowded and there was a lot going on in the area. The Tokyo Auto Show was also taking place.

There was the obligatory Ferris wheel.

What we really came to see was the TeamLab Borderless Digital Art Exhibit. We heard about it several years ago and added it to our bucket list if we ever went to Tokyo. It was the most amazing art exhibit I’ve ever seen.

In these exhibits the people became part of the art.

One room was filled with lights that were constantly changing in colors. There were long lines to get in a you were only allowed about 10 minutes in the room.

These were glass beads that were hanging down from the ceiling with different colored lights reflecting off of them.

This was a walk through a room of giant toadstools.

Abstract art displayed on the walls and constantly changing.

One room consisted walls depicting raging seas.

Another room had large balloons that constantly changed color.

I wasn’t sure what was going on in this exhibit. There was art moving along all of the walls of the room. Folks were busy and work at desks doing something. Turns out that they were all doing art work. When finished the art work was scanned and then displayed on the walls. The seahorse was one that Carla and Justin did.

I would love to go back to this exhibit and spend more time. Since it was Culture Day there were large crowds and long line to some of the exhibit rooms. It was a huge exhibit and I’m sure the we didn’t see it all. Definitely a nice place to go on a rainy day.

After visiting the exhibit we stopped for some ice cream and then walked to the train that would take us back to the hotel. On the way we has some great views of the Rainbow Bridge.