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I normally submit photos to the Great Lakes Photo contest run by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources. This year the title of the calendar has been changed to Wisconsin’s Great Waters Calendar and reflects photos from the Mississippi River. For the first time all three of my submissions were included in this year’s calendar.

Apostle Islands Sea Cave

This is a part of the Apostle Islands sea caves located near Cornucopia, Wisconsin. Linda and I and Linda’s two sisters booked a trip out to the sea caves with Good Earth Outfitters of Cornucopia. We had visited the caves many times during the winter when they are known as the Apostle Islands Ice Caves but we had never visited them in the summer. This was one of the first shots I took on the trip.

Trempealeau Mountain

Perrot State Park is one of our favorite spring and fall destinations. On this fall trip we hit it just right when the fall colors were at their peak. Trempealeau Mountain sits in the backwaters of the Mississippi River near Trempealeau, Wisconsin. This view is from Brady’s Bluff Trail.

 Northern Pacific Ore Dock Number 1

This is a decommissioned ore dock that can be seen in Superior, Wisconsin. This was taken late one fall afternoon when the late afternoon light was directly on the ore docks.

Another frosty morning on the Prairie. More frost photos can be found on my website.

After a brief stop at home we embarked on what turned out to be our last fall color trip. Our first stop was the Blue Hills just east of Rice Lake, Wisconsin. We were a little late for the peak color but there were still some nice color in some areas. We did notice that most of the lakes in the area were very high with some of the docks under water.

These were a couple of shots as we reached the outskirts of the Blue  Hills. We encountered the horseback rider of one of the back roads.

These are some shots in the Aldie Lake area.

This is the first time we encountered Bald Eagles on our fall trips through the area. In all we must have seen about a dozen Bald Eagles.

We also encountered a Ruffed Grouse along the road. It posed for some photos before flying off.


On our drive home from Duluth we stopped in Spooner to drop off some T-shirts that my wife had collected for a quilt. We then drove over to Shell lake for lunch with Linda’s Sister. After lunch Linda wanted to find a road that she thought would have lots of color. She remembered it from here childhood and recalled that it was called the Narrow Gage Road. We found a road on Google Maps that was named the Narrow Gage Road but Linda didn’t think that was the road she remembered.  On the positive side it did have some nice color.

This past July Northern Wisconsin was hit by a sever storm bringing torrential rains. Many roads were closed and some roads are still closed. One of the places we always stop on our fall trips to the Ironwood area is Saxon Harbor. We weren’t sure that we would be able to drive to Saxon harbor because of the devastation but it turned out the road was passable. This photo was taken several years ago in the fall. The boats and docks were out of the harbor at that time.

Saxon-Harbor-15-10-_1142There was a temporary bridge allowing us to drive down to the lake. This is what the small stream looks like after the flood. One person was killed and millions of dollars of damage was down to the idyllic little harbor.

saxon-harbor-16-10-2383This is what the harbor looks like today.






In late June we like to drive up to Bayfield county to view the Wild Lupine. This is not like the Lupine we have around home. Ours is at the most 18″ tall. The Lupine found in Bayfield County is around 4 feet tall. It is found on most the roads in the area but there is a large field of it on the outskirts of Washburn on the road to Bayfield. This year it was particularly prolific, probably because of the wet spring and summer.





After our visit to the Nelson’s Ice Sculptures we drove over to Hudson, Wisconsin to check on the Trumpeter Swans. There were quite a few of them around on a very cold day. Unfortunately what had been a beautiful day had turned overcast so I wasn’t able to photograph the birds at sunset.


When I first arrived there were some swans that didn’t seem to be getting along. The ducks were unconcerned.



We were in Superior, Wisconsin last week and decided to drive out to Wisconsin Point to check on Ice Conditions. There was plenty of ice and a couple of ice fishermen way out in Lake Superior fishing.



Wisconsin-Point-Lighthouse-15-3-_1782More photos from Wisconsin Point can be found on my website.

As people walked around through the uplifted ice pieces would break off and get scattered around. Some of them made beautiful subject for photography.




More photos from the Apostle Islands Ice Caves can be found on my website.


The clear ice at the Apostle Islands in addition to providing some nice ice fractures also provided some really interesting ice patterns. I also spent a considerable time looking for interesting ice patterns.



















More photos from the Apostle Islands Ice Caves can be found on my website.

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