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A few shots from several visits to the Duluth Rose Garden.


As people walked around through the uplifted ice pieces would break off and get scattered around. Some of them made beautiful subject for photography.




More photos from the Apostle Islands Ice Caves can be found on my website.


The clear ice at the Apostle Islands in addition to providing some nice ice fractures also provided some really interesting ice patterns. I also spent a considerable time looking for interesting ice patterns.



















More photos from the Apostle Islands Ice Caves can be found on my website.

Ice fractures are a subject that I love to photograph but all too frequently can’t find during the winter. Conditions have to be just right to find them. There has to be a stretch of cold weather that freezes the water. There can’t be much snow, no sleet or rain nor can it thaw and freeze. This year things came together at the Apostle Islands Ice Caves. There was open water followed by a very cold stretch and no snow to speak of. While everyone else was wandering around looking at the ice caves I was spending time looking for beautiful examples of ice fractures. Given the amount of clear ice they were not hard to find. The ice was so clear in some spots that I could see the bottom of the lake.













More photos from the Apostle Islands Ice Caves can be found on my website.

I thought all of my windows were in good shape but it turns out I have some failed seals. This is the first time in a number of years that we have had temperatures below zero. As soon as the temperatures reached below zero I noticed significant frost on the window. I’ll wait until spring to get them fixed but in the meantime I’m taking advantage of the problem and doing a little frost photography.





Last week we were scheduled to get a big storm but the weather forecasters weren’t sure if it was going to be rain or snow. As it turned out we had rain, sleet and snow. I had hoped to get some bird photography in but when the storm started it was heavy rain with strong winds. The rain was pelting against the windows.


Since I couldn’t get any bird photography in I decided to put my macro lens on and shoot some raindrops on the windows. By the time I had made the decision to shoot raindrops and had gotten my equipment ready the raindrops had frozen onto the window.