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Late in the evening we drove out to Interstate Falls. Again there was a lot of water flowing over the falls.


Interstate Falls has really changed since my first visit. Years ago I reached in on a pothole filled dirt road with two parking spots. If it had rained recently I ended up parking in mud puddles. Several years ago a large crushed rock parking lot was installed along with new signage. Waterfalling has become a big tourist draw and has been recognized as such my local governmental agencies. This year we discovered that a grand viewing stand had been installed below Interstate Falls. In prior years the view was not that good and to get down to the base of the falls it was necessary to work oneself down a steep slope. Visitors will really appreciate the improved views from the viewing stand.

My wife and I stopped at Superior Falls this past week. The falls is located at the mouth of the Montreal River where it enters Lake Superior. It borders Michigan and Wisconsin but is best seen from the Michigan side. Depending upon water levels you can get some good shots of the falls from the bottom of the falls. There are also trails along the top of the falls that offer some good photo opportunities.




Peterson Falls is located just outside of Hurley, Wisconsin. It is located on the Montreal River which forms the border between Wisconsin and Michigan.  The sign along the road calls it Peterson Falls although some call it Interstate Falls. There are no really good photographs of the falls to be had from the bank In order to get a full photograph of the falls you need to wade out into the stream to a small island. Depending upon water levels this can be easy or difficult. On this particular day it would have been easy but I forgot my boots at home so I had to photograph from the top of the falls.




Last weekend marked the start of the fall color season in Northern Wisconsin. Our first stop was at Gile Flowage just outside of Hurley, Wisconsin. We spent about an hour driving around the flowage as the sun set it the west.