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After the Blessing of the Fleet we decided to walk around Bayfield.  There were a number of larger boats in the harbor including a ferry and an Apostle Islands Tour Boat.

Lots of Sailboats and it looked like the fleet was in the harbor for the day.

We found a beautiful little park over by the fishing boat docks.

After checking out the Ice Fest we walked down to Canal Park to check out the first ever Cold Front Celebration 2018. The road where the horses and carriages are in the summer had been turned into an ice skating rink. It was a popular spot. There were several sparks in use.

It was cold and blowing and the lake was covered in ice.

There were fat tire bikes available for test runs but it was so cold folks didn’t go very far on them.

A sledding hill was setup in one of the parking lots and it seemed to be a popular spot with the kids.

There were tents setup with displays and food and beverages and fire pits. One display asked for input on the future of the Duluth waterfront. Folks in Duluth just don’t seem to get it. Duluth would be a great place to turn Canal Park in to a walking only location with cars relegated to parking lots outside the area. Auto congestion is a major distraction during the summer.

After returning to Grand Marais we checked into our motel and grabbed a bite to eat before heading out to the harbor for some sunset photos. Unfortunately the sunset was not anything spectacular but there were some nice waves.

The next morning we drove inland from Grand Marais hoping to find some fall color. This is a photo of Grand Marais from the hill above the harbor.

If there is heavy surf on Lake Superior I like to walk out onto the South Breakwater and watch the waves crash into the breakwater.




After spending some time at Au Train Falls we drove down through Au Train to Au Train Beach on Lake Superior. I managed to take a few shots while my wife was trying to find the Packer game on the radio.




Every winter I try to drive around and photograph the ships that are spending winter layup in Duluth. This year there are seven ships that will be spending the winter in Duluth. They will remain in port until about the third week in March when the tugs will start freeing them from the winter ice. Most of them will undergo some maintenance work. This year the Herbert C. Jackson will spend six months in Fraser Shipyards where it will be repowered with state-of-the-art diesel engines.

Edwin H. Gott At Port Terminal

Edwin H. Gott At Port Terminal


Philip R. Clarke At Port Terminal

Philip R. Clarke At Port Terminal



Paul R. Tregurtha At Midwest Energy


Indiana-Harbor-At-Embridge Docks

Indiana Harbor At Embridge Docks



Herbert C Jackson At Fraser Shipyards



American Century At Port Terminal

I happened to be in Duluth, Minnesota during the last Blue Moon so I walked down to Canal Park to take some photos of it rising over Lake Superior. It was a beautiful night and people were walking along the breakwaters. Quite a few of them were surprised when the moon came up over the lake.




With the heavy surf on Lake Superior I thought it would be fun to try using my variable neutral density filter to see if I could slow the shutter speed down to create a different look. In spite of the fact that it was a bright sunny day the filter did a great job and I managed to get some interesting shots.




As I mentioned in yesterdays blog there were some large waves on Lake Superior over the weekend. This is a shot of the waves hitting s line of rocks just offshore.


The waves were so large that they were coming over the Lakewalk.


The waves were so large that they exposed the pillar that had fallen into the lake earlier in the year. When it fell in it turned upside down and you can see the wood foundation sticking out of the water between the swells.


After photographing the waves coming over the breakwater I walked along the lakewalk. There were a bunch of kids on the lakewalk waiting to get hit by the waves.


As people walked around through the uplifted ice pieces would break off and get scattered around. Some of them made beautiful subject for photography.




More photos from the Apostle Islands Ice Caves can be found on my website.