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While I was looking for backlit leaves to photograph I noticed the sunlight shining through the park pealing from some birch trees.


My wife and I decided to hike up the Lester Park Bike trail a couple of weeks ago. The fall leaves were just starting to turn. It was a Monday and we were fortunate not to encounter too many bikers. It was a beautiful although warm day. Duluth is in the process of creating bike trails throughout the city and it is now a destination for bikers from around the country.

Lester River

Lester River

Bike Trail

The trees were starting to turn in Duluth.

On the return trip we walked down the Amity Creek bike  trail. This was more of a challenge for bikers and we saw a couple of then take bad tumbles.

Amity Creek

There are quite a few birch trees in the park so it should be a nice place to hike during the fall color season.

We were surprised to find a variety of wildflowers blooming along the trail. Most of them were flowers that bloomed at home six weeks ago.

After a bitterly cold day on Friday things warmed up a bit so my wife and I drove over to the After Hours Ski Trails for a morning of cross country skiing. Conditions were outstanding.




On a recent trip to Crex Meadows we were driving around late on an overcast day and not finding much of anything to photograph. We came upon this birch forest on the eastern side of the Meadows. I found that If I set the camera for a long exposure I could manually pan the trees and end up with some interesting shots.

More photos from Crex Meadows can be found on my website.



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