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Yellow Trout Lily

Yesterday we made a quick trip up to Houghton, MI to pick up our son from school. We drove through the Porcupine Mountains on the way up and way down and made a few stops in the park. The wildflowers along south boundary road were outstanding. The woodland floor was covered with Yellow Trout Lilies. The sides of the road were covered with Spring Beauties and Dutchman’s Breaches. We also saw several large patches Marsh Marigolds. The weather was unusual for this time of year, lots of sun and 78 degrees.

Presque Isle River

One very disturbing event occurred at the Bridge over the mouth of the Presque Isle River. I had just finished taking a few shots when I saw an animal fall into the river. It looked like it fell from the high cliff or a tree over the water on the left side. I couldn’t tell what it was but it was about the size of a Raccoon. It was quickly swept into the large pothole on the left. It managed to surface several times but it couldn’t get out of the whirlpool and eventually drown.

More spring photos from the Porcupine Mountains on my website.