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Tag Archives: Wisconsin Trumpeter Swans

It was a beautiful day to ski on the Red Cedar State Trail. We had 8 inches of new fluffy snow overnight and the sky was a bright blue. The tables at the visitors center were covered in was the bridge over the Gilbert Creek.

With the cold weather the ice was building up and was also covered in snow.

It was late in the afternoon and we met quite a few skiers on the trail. There were also some nice reflections on the Red Cedar River.

On the way back we heard some familiar sounds and saw a small flock of Trumpeter Swans land on the river.


In the winter Trumpeter Swans gather in Hudson, Wisconsin looking for open water. This year the winter was particularly cold and the amount of open water was only about the third of a football field in area. There were over one hundred swans gathered in this small area. More photos of the Hudson, Wisconsin Trumpeter Swans can be found on my website.Trumpeter-Swan-Hudson-Wisconsin-14-2-_1125