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I was happy to see that I had a couple of photos included in the current Calendar but was appalled to see that one of them was close to a photo of our Idiot governor.

The firs photo was taken at Amnicon Falls State Park under ideal water conditions. Unfortunately it was a sunny day which makes waterfall photography difficult. Fortunately I had just purchased a variable neutral density filter which allowed me to photograph the falls at a slower speed even under sunny conditions.

Now and Then Falls Amnicon Falls State Park

Now and Then Falls Amnicon Falls State Park

The photo of the Coast Guard Cutter Alder was taken during the bitter winter of 2013-14. We were returning from our final visit of the season to the Apostle Islands Ice Caves when we notice on our Marine Tracker that the Alder was out in Lake Superior. This was the first ice breaking trip of the year for the Alder through the Wisconsin Point Entry.  Little did they know that it would be a very long time before ice breaking ended for the season. We tracked the Alder as it sailed out into the lake so we drove out to Wisconsin Point to see if we could photograph it when it returned to the harbor. We waited for quite a while but it didn’t return so we started back to Duluth. Just as we were leaving Wisconsin Point I made a final check of the Marine Tracker and noticed that it was on its way back into the harbor so we turned around and were lucky to get this photo.

Coast Guard Cutter Alder

Coast Guard Cutter Alder

We happened to be in Duluth, Minnesota when a Nor’easter came through with gusts up to 50 mph. Unfortunately my wife had gone shopping so I was without a car. I spent the morning watching the waves crash into Park Point Beach. Just as she returned from her shopping trip I noticed the Lake Guardian was going to enter Wisconsin Point so we jumped in the car and drove over to Wisconsin Point to check out the waves and the Lake Guardian.


We reached Wisconsin Point just as the Lake Guardian entered the harbor. The Lake Guardian is the largest research vessel on the Great Lakes. It goes out several times a year to carry out research activities. This was the first opportunity I had to photograph the Lake Guardian. he wind was blowing so hard I had trouble walking down the breakwater. The waves were crashing over the breakwater as the ship entered the harbor.


There were a large number of Ring-billed Gulls on the breakwater trying to stay out of the wind.


More Wisconsin Point photos can be found on my website.

We were in Superior, Wisconsin last week and decided to drive out to Wisconsin Point to check on Ice Conditions. There was plenty of ice and a couple of ice fishermen way out in Lake Superior fishing.



Wisconsin-Point-Lighthouse-15-3-_1782More photos from Wisconsin Point can be found on my website.

As we were leaving Duluth I notice on my Marine Tracker that the Indiana Harbor going to come through Wisconsin Point on its way to winter Layup. It was one of the last ships to enter the harbor during the 2014-15 shipping season and the last one to come through the Wisconsin Entry.


Ironically I was at Wisconsin Point to see the first ship of the season enter the harbor through the Wisconsin Entry. That was the Coast Guard Cutter Alder shown here as it returned from its first ice breaking run. We were on our way back to Duluth from a visit to the Apostle Islands Ice Caves when we noticed the Alder was returning to Superior.

Coast Guard Cutter Alder

Coast Guard Cutter Alder

It was a really gloomy day when the Indiana Harbor came through the entry. It rained as we drove out to Wisconsin Point. Fortunately it quit while we were waiting for the Indiana Harbor to arrive. I suspect the crew was happy to be done for what turned out to be a long season fighting the ice.


As usual there were quite a few boat nerds out taking photos of the ship as it came in. I’m on a first name basis with some of them since I see them frequently when I’m out photographing around Duluth/Superior.


The great lakes shipping season will start again in late March.

On previous visits to Wisconsin Point I had seen eagles around. On my last trip I met a fellow photographer who had been photographing them this summer. He took me over to a tree where one normally rousts but it wasn’t around. He mentioned that he had seen over fifty of them in one day.

Later in the morning I was setting up to photograph the Algolake as it was leaving the Burlington Northern Ore Docks when two Bald Eagles were fishing and flew right at me. By the time I had the camera reconfigured they were flying away from me.


Later in the morning one turned up on the perch my photographer friend had pointed out. I think it was one of those that had flown at me earlier. I tried to get close enough to get a photo but I heard another eagle calling and if flew off. I walked along the shore and noticed the pair was sitting in a tree along the water.

Bald Eagles 13-7-_0765

As I left Wisconsin Point I saw six more eagles in trees along the road. I was able to get a shot of one before it flew off.


I visited Wisconsin Point on many occasions but this trip was the first one where I’ve seen a ship leaving the harbor. I had been at the Point to watch the sunrise. After photographing the sun rise I walked toward the harbor and noticed a ship was loading Taconite at the Burlington Northern Ore Docks. According to the Duluth Shipping News Algolake and it was scheduled to depart but it was still in the docks. I decided to leave and walked back to the car. Just as I was getting in the car I noticed that the Algolake was starting to exit the ore docks. I quickly walked back to the harbor entrance and photographed it as it was leaving the harbor. Algolake-13-7-_0732





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