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While we were watching the Whitefish Bay leave the Duluth Harbor we heard a noise but couldn’t place it. Turned out someone was flying a drone over the harbor entrance. It had a GoPro on board. It was entertaining to watch but I’m not sure it will be appreciated if many people are flying them around.



I noticed that the Whitefish Bay was leaving the terminal so my wife and I drove down to Canal Park to watch it leave Duluth Harbor. When it made the turn we could see that it had quite a bit of ice on the bow and superstructure. It had been a wild week on Lake Superior.Whitefish-Bay-14-11-_0690

We also noticed that the Paul R. Tregurtha was going to be arriving in less than an hour so we waited around and watched it come through the Duluth Ship CanalPaul R. Tregurtha 14-11-_0766

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