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In late June we like to drive up to Bayfield county to view the Wild Lupine. This is not like the Lupine we have around home. Ours is at the most 18″ tall. The Lupine found in Bayfield County is around 4 feet tall. It is found on most the roads in the area but there is a large field of it on the outskirts of Washburn on the road to Bayfield. This year it was particularly prolific, probably because of the wet spring and summer.





In my last Blog we were at Lost Creek Falls. After returning to the car we headed to Washburn, Wisconsin for lunch. We noticed on the way over that the Wild Lupine was in full bloom so we were expecting to capture some nice Lupine photos.Wild-Lupine-14-6-_7490

After lunch we headed toward Bayfield on highway 13. Just outside Washburn there is a field with lots of Wild Lupine. It was in full bloom. This is not the little Wild Lupine we find around home. Ours grows to about 18 inches but this Lupine was 3-4 feet tall and comes in a variety of colors.Wild Lupine 14-6-_7965

While we were photographing the Lupine several other folks also stopped to take some photos.Wild Lupine 14-6-_7967