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Our son had a day off from work so he was going to take us out to Okutama, Japan to do some hiking. Apparently there was a beautiful hike along the Tama River. We walked across a bridge to a grocery store looking for the Kazumakyo walking route.


While we were standing along the road the first of many cars loaded with politicians came by. Apparently it was election season and they drive around constantly with loudspeakers blaring.

Google Maps was not cooperating and the two navigators were having problems finding the trail.

It looked like the trail followed the road for quite a ways so we started walking along the road above the river. There were some nice fall colors.

After walking for a while we decided we must be on the wrong road so we turned around and walked back toward town.

However, our son concluded that we were on the right road we just didn’t follow it far enough.

These two men had been standing in front of this store watching us walk past the three times. Our son speaks fluent Japanese so he could have asked directions but men don’t ask directions. We also walked through a construction zone several times. The workers probably thought we were nuts.

We continued walking along the road and found that, if we had just walked a little further the first time, we would have reached the hiking trail.

We were happy to find the signs and started walking down some steps toward the river only to find that the trail was closed. Apparently parts of it were washed out during the October Typhoon.

We took a few shots from the bridge over the river.

The politicians drove by again and waved to us. We saw them a couple more times and they honked at us the last time we saw them.

We walked back to the train station where we decided to have some ice cream while waiting for the train.

We took a local train back to Tachikawa.

We decided to try and find a place to eat but had the same problem we usually did when we wanted to eat in the middle of the afternoon. Many places were closed or they allowed smoking. This is a shot of us in front of the HUB where we ate a few days earlier when we were in Tachikawa to visit Showa Kinen Park.

We finally settled on a pancake place to have our meal before heading back to Tokyo.



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