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We were up early again. It seems that we are almost always the first ones to breakfast. Today was Saturday and the markets in Delft were open so we walked down to where we thought they would be. Our first stop was the Delft antiques market. It was early and It looked like some of the vendors were just getting setup. It was interesting but nothing that we wanted to purchase. The antiques marked was lined up along one of the canals.

We walked through the main plaza and past the City Hall.

We found the food and flower market on anther street. My wife noticed the Stroopwaffles and decided to purchase some to bring home. Little did we realize that McDonald’s would be selling them when we arrived home. Of course there always the cheese. How I would live to have truckle of Gouda Cheese.

There were plenty of stalls selling flowers.

After walking through the markets we headed over to Central Station where we planned to catch a tram to The Hague. The nice thing about making Delft a headquarters was it was close to everything. On the other hand the Netherlands is a small country and everything is relatively close. It was probably a 15 minute ride to The Hague.

When we got off the tram we encountered this strange creature. There were quite a few of them. The Hague visitors center was in the public library which was closed when we arrived. We joined a long line waiting for it to open. Our first goal in The Hague was to find the Hague Market which is reputed to be the largest open air market in Europe.

This was the entrance to the underground. As you can see there were not a lot of people around on a Saturday morning at 10 a.m. We had to wait a short time to catch the train to the market.

There were a lot of flowers. It cost about $5.50 for a bunch of roses. I do believe this is considerably lower than in the United States.

There were lots of food stands in the market. What I wouldn’t give to have a market like this in my town.

The market also had a large assortment of dry goods. My wife found some scarves that were about half the price they were in Gouda.

After visiting the Hague Market we decided to take a tram out to Scheveningen Beach. It wasn’t really beach weather. In fact, it was dammed cold out. Not too many folks around when we arrived.

Not to sure what was going on here. It looked like some kind of photo shoot because everyone seemed to have costumes with them.


This looks like it would be a fantastic beach if it were a little warmer out. I checked some photos taken in the summer and it is packed with people.

Nice view of the pier unobstructed by people.

I didn’t check to see how much it cost to stay in some of the hotels along the beach but I suspect it is plenty.

We walked through the pier which is filled with shops. We really wanted some ice cream but it was just too cold. I didn’t see anyone else having ice cream either.

One of the hotels from the street side.

We caught a tram back toward the center of town with a stop at the Peace Palace. We also thought about some ice cream at the Peace Palace but it was still too cold.

We then took the tram into the center of the city and wandered along some of the shopping streets.

We then walked over to Hofvigver pond and walked along the pond taking photos. That’s the Binnenhof on the right and behind the seagull in the second shot.

We walked around Hofvigver pond and past Mauritshuis. This seemed to be a popular spot for selfies.

We then walked through the arch and into the Binnenhof courtyard.

TheĀ Fontein graaf Willem II is in the foreground and the Ridderzaal is in the background. Difficult to photograph the fountain because of all of the folks taking selfies.

We then headed back to the center of town to catch the tram back the Delft. We did find the center of The Hague a strange place. There didn’t seem to be any stop signs on the road. In order to get from one side of the street to the other you had to cross bike lanes, a road, tram lines, a road, and another bike lane. We finally gave up trying to figure the traffic out and just followed folks who looked like the knew what the were doing.

We were back in Delft in about 15 minutes. The antiques marketĀ  was still ongoing. Apparently it is an all day affair.


It was getting near dinner time so we worked our way over to the city center and found a place to eat.

We thought it was really cold out and we warmed our hands over a candle. We had Greek food on this night. The food was good but when it came time to pay we encountered a problem. We tried all of our credit cards and their equipment couldn’t read them. I was held hostage while my wife went to find an ATM machine to get some cash. When we travel in Europe we rarely carry cash and have never had a problem with credit cards. First time for everything.

After dinner we wandered around town for a bit before heading down the canal to our hotel.